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The GigCX Myth Busting Series – Part 2

Welcome back to the GigCX Myth Busting Series, where last week we busted GigCX myth #1 to reveal GigCX (What is GigCX?) has indeed crossed the chasm, and is being used widely across global brands. From Microsoft and Unilever, to Sun Basket and Postmates and everywhere in between, GigCX has become a mainstream customer service success story.

Watch the video (Chris does an excellent summary) or read the full blog below!

Myth 2: GigCX can and should only be used to answer simple queries

Not a chance. As we conducted the research for the 2020 Gig Customer Service Report, we spoke to our crowd of Experts and CX leaders, and what we saw is that they are handling more complex and higher value enquiries that can’t be automated – where customers need guidance, reassurance or the opinions of others to solve their pre-sales and support enquiries.

We believe that the enquiry types handled by GigCX will continue to expand to include more and more transaction types over the coming months and years, such as taking payments, or processing refunds by enabling these to be completed securely without Experts needing to access any personal customer data. We’ve seen that it only take a small amount of effort when beginning with GigCX, to open up these extra, valuable opportunities for Experts.

And we’re not alone in thinking this.  Here’s what Chris Mcilduff, Chief Customer Officer at Ember Group, had to say on the ‘high volume, low value’ myth:

There is often a misconception about GigCX being best suited to only taking high volume, low value queries that could be arguably handled by self-service or automated services. The reality is different and with the right configurations, GigCX Experts can support presales queries, troubleshoot issues, coach customers on how to set up products, solve issues themselves, and increase proactive contact with customers cost effectively. GigCX Experts are also often native speakers who can support customers who are emotional or have vulnerabilities more effectively than offshore advisors from other countries. These possibilities create new opportunities for organisations to optimize their operating model.

GigCX need not just be seen as an alternative to low value, high volume customer service queries. The real value emerges when you align it with the service propositions you have for different customer segments and leverage it to improve the experience across the overall customer lifecycle.”

So, there you have it – GigCX can help your organisation in many more ways than you realised.  The next myth we’ll be putting to bed where it belongs, is the idea the gig crowd cares less than in-house staff.

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