Essentials to launching a gig customer service operation

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Essentials to launching a gigcx operation

Businesses are rapidly moving to a gig model for customer service, or GigCX, because of its agility, value, cost savings, and superior customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder McKinsey called GigCX the next big evolution in customer experience.

By crowdsourcing customer support to gig Experts, businesses can flex instantly with changes in customer demand, while providing a more empathetic customer experience.

Because GigCX Experts are more passionate, proficient, and knowledgeable than your average contact center representative, they are uniquely qualified to provide the best customer experience possible, delivering better results, at a lower price point.

Thinking of getting started with GigCX? Here are the essentials to consider when launching a successful gig customer service operation:

Create a GigCX plan

Before you can get started with GigCX in your business, you need to create a plan.

Start by defining your goals. Do you want to increase your C-SAT scores? Improve response times? Generate more revenue? Reduce your CX costs? Something else?

With your goals in mind, identify the type of support you want to offer with GigCX. You can use GigCX to support customers at every point in the customer journey, from pre-sale to post-sale and beyond.

Need help creating your plan? The team at Limitless can help you develop your plan, define your goals, and identify your use cases.

Pick a proven GigCX technology partner

Once you have a plan for how you want to use GigCX, it’s time identify the right GigCX partner to help you implement your plan and achieve your desired results.

When selecting a GigCX provider, pay close attention to:

  • Data security – How serious are they about protecting your customer data?
  • Reliability – How reliable is their technology? Can it deliver exceptional customer support 24/7, without interruptions?
  • Scalability – Are they able to scale with your needs?
  • Integrations – Can they easily integrate with your existing systems and applications?
  • Fairness & Integrity – How do they view and treat the gig crowd?
  • Client Testimonials – Do they work with other businesses like yours?

Many of the world’s largest and most-respected brands trust Limitless with their GigCX needs. We provide everything you need to execute your GigCX plan, including world-class data security and reliability, integrations with the most popular CRMs, bot and messaging applications, and the ability to scale your efforts to support more customers.

Our GoodGig principles guide our actions with respect to the gig crowd, ensuring that each gig Expert is treated and rewarded fairly.

Test and measure GigCX

All the leading indicators show that GigCX is going to be a fundamental part of the future CX service model.

It's a big change, we get it. Our advice? Try it out in part of your CX operation.

For example, you can start with simple customer inquiries, such as pre-sales questions, technical questions, or how-tos.

Limitless has a very well-established, easy pilot program that allows you to try out GigCX with minimal effort, without burdening your operational or IT teams.

With Limitless, you can easily test GigCX on a small volume of support inquiries before deciding to scale up the volume.

Throughout your testing, pay close attention to your success metrics outlined in your plan. These will serve as key indicators to whether your GigCX plan is working, or if you need to adjust anything in your implementation.

Once you’ve seen the benefits of GigCX firsthand, it’s time to turn up the dial and send more of your customer service volume to the GigCX crowd.

Evolve your GigCX plan

As more leaders within your organization see the value it brings to your business, you can expand your use of GigCX into other parts of the customer journey.

For example, if you started with simple customer inquiries, you could begin using your GigCX crowd to handle pre-sales questions or new customer onboarding and coaching.

You can also use GigCX to handle more advanced types of customer inquiries that require secure access to customers’ personal information (PII), such as billing, orders, account management, repairs, and more. A GigCX Expert can handle anything a contact center representative would normally do.

GigCX is inevitable – are you ready?

The CX industry is moving quickly in the direction of GigCX. Now is the time to make plans to leverage the power of GigCX in your business to meet the changing demands of customers, as well as to stay competitive in your market.

Free Download: 5 Reasons You Need a GigCX Plan

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