GigCX is more than just customer service

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In our new ‚GigCX Is Here‚ series, we'll be looking at some of the key reasons why GigCX is taking the industry by storm, and shining a light on some of the practices that are shaping the future of the customer experience industry.

In this instalment, we're exploring how GigCX goes beyond the realm of being a customer service tool. GigCX can offer real value beyond answering queries at a point of failure‚ it's also ideal for when customers need guidance, coaching on a product, or even help with pre-sales enquiries. The level of empathy and knowledge that GigCX Experts offer is helpful all the way along the customer lifecycle - read on for a few examples of just how flexible and innovative GigCX has become.

GigCX is accelerating peer-to-peer engagement‚ and test drive volume

Nissan United and Nissan Europe are using GigCX for questions surrounding the (electric vehicle) Nissan LEAF. Existing LEAF Experts and virtual assistants are able to answer a variety of questions, including queries such as: "How easy is it to charge?" or "Do most service stations have charging points?" or "How much money do you think you're saving on petrol?" By starting and ending the conversation in a seamless way, GigCX is helping prospective buyers to engage the Nissan brand or test drive a car locally. The queries are fed into the enterprise-class Conversational AI Platform from websites or ads that click to into Facebook Messenger, and answered via Facebook Messenger from Facebook.

GigCX is connecting people and giving time back to traditional customer support:

Californian multinational e-commerce giant eBay uses GigCX to connect its most successful Sellers with those looking for advice and coaching selling their own items. In May 2020, eBay went live with Limitless SmartCrowd, using the platform to both answer queries from Sellers, and to offer coaching to improve their performance in the Marketplace. Now Sellers with questions on over 100 subjects such as creating listings, fees, shipping, returns and payments, will all be routed towards a more experienced Seller, who can offer first-hand advice and empathy that traditional support might struggle to match. This is also deflecting these queries from eBay's traditional support, meaning customer service team can contribute to other more value-adding activities. This initiative even won Best Customer Engagement Initiative award in the 2020 European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs).

GigCX is driving sales:

Recently Limitless recently ran a project for meal delivery service Sunbasket to test if Experts could help drive pre-sales efforts, by linking prospects who clicked on the meal delivery service's social media ads to existing customers. The service allowed potential customers to tailor their conversation based on their dietary requirements, allowing the app to act like a matchmaking service to match them with their most relevant Expert (i.e. a vegetarian cooking for four).

There are three amazing examples that have all gone live within only a few months. It goes to show what a fast-track GigCX is on, and how the possibilities are‚ dare we say it, limitless.

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