Empower expert customers to guide and inspire other customers

Enables enterprises to leverage the passion and knowledge of their own customers to coach less experienced customers.

It’s the future of customer loyalty

Enable product experts to coach less experienced customers how to get more value from products and services. Coaching from trusted experts helps other customers to get more value from the product and improves customer lifetime value.


Be live in 5 weeks.

Invite product experts to join and CrowdCoach does the rest.

  • Onboard and qualify experts to get them ready to coach others
  • Connect CrowdCoach to your CRM, Bots and Messaging tools or deploy Limitless Live Messenger on web pages
  • Reward experts for successfully coaching other customers

Why CrowdCoach?

Increase adoption
Enable customers to unlock more value from products
Increase customer value
Broaden and increase usage of products
Reduce churn
Help customers set up and begin using products successfully

How to use CrowdCoach

A travel marketplace uses experienced members to help coach new property owners get their first booking
A music streaming company connects tech savvy experts to coach others how to overcome connectivity issues
A gaming company connects experienced gamers with new gamers to be able to manage their account online

Who’s using CrowdCoach?

Find out how major global organisations are revolutionising onboarding and support with CrowdCoach on SmartCrowd™.

Here’s why you should Dig the Gig!

We spoke with Microsoft, Postmates, and Sun Basket to discuss the growing importance of gig – watch the highlights here.

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A customer query being answered by one of our brand experts.

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