High-Quality Customer Experiences, Always

Delivering market-leading quality using marketplace dynamics and gamification uniquely designed for a gig customer service model.

Easy Expert Ratings & Reviews

GigCX® Expert responses are either rated by consumers or reviewed by other qualified Experts.

Experts are notified of their rating in real-time in the Limitless GigCX platform, allowing them to adjust their approach in future interactions.

The platform enables Gig Guides to analyzes lower than average CSAT scores to identify root cause and suggest adjustments to improve customer satisfaction.


The Limitless GigCX platform incentivizes desired behaviors using a range of gamification techniques.

Specific activities

Frequency or engagement on the platform, number of questions resolved, or peer reviews completed

Critical outcomes

Customer satisfaction scores or Expert ratings

The best Experts, every time

The Limitless platform automatically matches queries with the best Experts. Using customer intent, the Limitless GigCX platform directs queries to the highest-rated Experts based on customer ratings, Expert feedback, and Expert behavior metrics.


Experts preview and select the queries they are confident they can easily address. Individual product preferences naturally align the right Experts with their favorite products, delivering a well-rounded consumer experience across your brand offerings.

Expert Onboarding

During new Expert onboarding, we ensure Experts can confidently use the platform, allowing them to develop their skills in a practice environment before going live.

Additional Learning

We support Experts to improve their ratings by moving them to learning groups if they do not achieve target ratings. For lower performers we also ensure responses are quality checked before being sent to consumers.

The best answers, every time

Knowledge Library

A carefully maintained in-app knowledge library gives Experts the most up-to-date information, enabling them to provide consistent, high-quality responses to queries.

We qualify and regularly assess the knowledge library content, and Experts flag potential issues with answers that may need attention.

Suggested Answers & Personalization

We get Experts the right information at the right time, enabling personalized interactions with consumers.

The Limitless GigCX platform provides Experts with suggested responses, which they can personalize before responding, giving them the freedom to share their own experiences.

Seamless Expert communication and rewards


Our platform allows us to quickly send educational or business critical information to any Expert or group of Experts at any time.

For critical messages Experts must acknowledge they have read and understood the updates before continuing to respond to consumers on the Limitless platform.

Flexible Rewards

Flexible rewards allow payment for tasks to reflect their complexity and importance. This ensures Experts are compensated fairly and is an important driver when it comes to ensuring consistent, high-quality service.

Exceptional Service Levels

Real-time Monitoring of Service Levels

Our GigCX platform monitors service levels for all crowds. Leading indicators allow the Limitless team to manage crowd health to maintain SLAs.

Easy and Fast Configuration

We can adjust the platform configuration in real-time to optimize the performance of the platform, the Experts, and the service provided.


Regular calibration sessions with your team close any gaps in process, knowledge and skills that may exist, and align quality expectations.

Escalation Management

The Limitless platform can automatically identify cases that need to be escalated to someone on your team. Additionally, using a simple workflow, Experts can report cases they feel need to be escalated.

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