What is GigCX?

Learn more about the gig model for customer experience, and how the world's largest brands are using it to create greater value for their customers.

A new customer experience model

Gig Customer Experience (or GigCX®) is the term used for deploying a gig-based crowd of people to provide support across the entire customer lifecycle.

Recognized by McKinsey & Company in 2021 as one of the next big developments in customer experience, GigCX offers companies a more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective model for customer experience.

Once a new trend, GigCX is now the focus of CX operators worldwide. In fact, 83% of CX leaders surveyed in the annual GigCX Report have already added, or plan to add, gig or freelance workers to CX operations by 2025.

GigCX enables brands to adapt to a changing workforce

Driven by the desire for more flexible working environments, 82% of CX leaders surveyed in the annual GigCX Report are turning to alternative working models, including GigCX.

“The way we hire, manage, and lead the modern workforce has fundamentally changed, and CX leaders are quickly adapting. This includes looking at GigCX as a game changer that opens the window to distributed labor models and workforce structures while managing to the same performance standards and ultimately the bottom line.”

Chad McDaniel, President, Execs In The Know

How GigCX works

Organizations can route their customer service inquiries securely from their own systems through a GigCX platform, which distributes them to a crowd of knowledgeable gig experts who can answer questions and provide support on behalf of the brands they know and love.

The result is a more authentic, genuine experience for customers and improved customer satisfaction for brands that use GigCX.

How GigCX differs from traditional CX models

"Always on" GigCX Experts

Passionate, knowledgeable brand advocates
Less than a week to onboard
On-demand, flexible
Outcome-based pricing
Any language, region, time zone

On-premises or work from home agents

Trained customer service agents
Up to 6 months to train
Fixed schedules
Fixed hourly rate
Limited language, region, time zone

GigCX offers significant benefits to brands

Where GigCX differs from traditional models is it gives organizations access to a 24/7, agile, and motivated crowd of brand experts.

Increased agility

The crowd can flex with demand, reducing timeouts and wastage, and giving greater resilience during unexpected events.

Improved C-SAT scores

GigCX experts are highly motivated and have experience with the brands they support, leading to a more empathetic experience for customers.

Increased customer success

GigCX increases engagement across the entire customer journey, leading to improved customer success.

Reduced costs

By moving to an outcome-based business model, brands can decrease the amount of brick-and-mortar locations and salaries needed to support customers.

Positive social inclusion

Becoming an expert for the brands they love removes all unconscious bias and allows for anyone with a device to be considered, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Promotes environmental sustainability

By reducing dependency on physical contact centers, and the carbon emissions that come with them.

Leading brands have embraced GigCX

Some of the world’s largest brands have harnessed the potential of GigCX to deliver superior, crowdsourced customer experiences.

Learn more about GigCX

Check out these helpful resources to dive deeper into GigCX and learn how the world's most respected brands are leveraging the power of the gig economy to enhance their customer experience.

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