What is true GigCX? (and what it isn’t)

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What is true GigCX?

Awareness of the GigCX concept has grown significantly in the past few years. In a recent survey we conducted, 72% of CX leaders said they have added or plan to add gig talent to customer service or sales operations within the next 2 years.

With this increased awareness, business process outsourcers (BPOs) and gig-based software providers have attempted to replicate the GigCX model or provide similar crowdsourced services, masquerading under the “GigCX” label.

Unfortunately, this has created many misperceptions of what GigCX really is. It’s also resulted in some dissatisfaction with the GigCX concept. While it’s true that these other solutions have given businesses an on-demand resource, they have failed to deliver better customer satisfaction and have left gig talent underwhelmed and dissatisfied.

In this article, you’ll learn what true GigCX is, why it matters, and how to leverage it to improve your customer experience and get results.

Key elements of true GigCX

Having coined the term GigCX® and being the first to offer the GigCX solution to the world, we feel pretty strongly about what GigCX really is.

True GigCX complies with all local gig legislation, no matter where you do business in the world. At Limitless, we follow our foundational GoodGig® principles to help guide our actions toward GigCX Experts and to ensure the fair treatment of Experts around the world.

Here’s how true GigCX differs from the other crowdsourced solutions on the market:

No cost to entry

Some of the on-demand solutions on the market employ freelancers and require them to make a significant investment in training. Sadly, they can sometimes lose this investment if they are removed or terminated from the platform.

In a true GigCX model, Experts don’t pay anything to complete training or get started. At Limitless, we ensure there are no barriers of entry to or exit from our platform. Experts can apply, complete onboarding, and start earning rewards in a matter of days.

No fixed schedules or minimum commitments

Some of the crowdsourced solutions on the market employ freelancers and require them to work fixed schedules or shifts.

True GigCX is unscheduled and completely on-demand. GigCX Experts are not required to accept tasks or assignments or work a minimum number of hours. Those on the Limitless platform have full flexibility and freedom over when they want to complete tasks and how many tasks they want to complete, typically up to 100 tasks per week.

No training

With many crowdsourced solutions, “experts” aren’t really experts at all. They don’t come to the table with knowledge of your products or services. Instead, they are trained to be competent enough to support your customers.

In a true GigCX model, formal training is not required to reach competency. GigCX Experts are already experts of your products and services. They bring native skills and real-life product knowledge to the platform and can be ready to support customers in less than a week.

Experts on the Limitless platform complete a short onboarding process to test their knowledge of your products and brand before receiving access to the platform.

No performance management

Experts on other crowdsourced solutions are performance-managed and required to complete a minimum number of tasks or meet specific metrics.

A true GigCX model optimizes contact routing to the best GigCX resources, based on customer ratings and peer reviews, to achieve target KPIs. They can review tasks before accepting and leave tasks for other Experts to complete, without penalties.

No hourly rate

Many crowdsourced models either pay Experts by the hour or make payments so complex and difficult to understand that Experts quickly lose interest and leave.

In a true GigCX model, Experts are rewarded based on quality output, often paid per successfully completed task, not based on a fixed hourly rate. Rewards are fair in each local market – at least 1.3 times what a contact center agent would receive - and paid in local currencies.

Why does having a true GigCX solution matter?

Now that you know how a true GigCX solution differs from other crowdsourced solutions, let’s explore why adopting a true GigCX solution matters to your business.

Compliant with international gig legislation

To start, having a true GigCX solution protects you and your business by ensuring you’re compliant with all local gig legislation. This is especially important to avoid legal and financial consequences resulting from the improper treatment of gig-based talent.

At Limitless, we protect GigCX Experts and our clients in each country through local gig-compliant terms and conditions, verified by our partners at PwC. These terms and conditions are grounded in our GoodGig® principles.

Better results

With a true GigCX model, you can achieve greater agility and faster response times in your CX operation because GigCX Experts will be available on-demand, anytime, instantly.

And, because GigCX Experts are already knowledgeable and passionate about your products, services and brand, you’ll create a more empathetic and authentic experience for your customers. This results in better customer engagement and higher customer satisfaction (C-SAT) scores.

Considering you get all of this along with a lower cost to serve – up to 40% lower than traditional CX models – GigCX offers incredible value for your CX operations and your customers.

Getting started with GigCX

Want to learn more? Check out the essentials to launching a GigCX solution in your business.

Want to see how Limitless can help you improve your customer experience and achieve better results? Contact our team today.

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