Myth: GigCX is the same as Work from Home

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Welcome back to the GigCX Myth Busting Series. Recently we busted GigCX myth #6 to show that GigCX is about quality, as well as quantity.

However, there are still many misconceptions surrounding GigCX, and myth 7 is probably one of the most widespread, particularly during these pandemic times. Without further ado, here's one of the biggest myths of all:

Myth 7: GigCX is the same as WFH.

First and foremost, let's define "working from home." Obviously, one of the biggest reasons this definition has become relevant, is the number of full-time workers (including those in customer service) who have had to leave the office because of the pandemic and work from home in order to help the business continue running as usual.

However, even before the pandemic, there was already a large number of organizations and people operating in the remote/work from home customer service sector. These organizations vary in the way they operate, and the way they handle their agents - but all of them are fundamentally different to the GigCX model.

In some cases, the customer service workers will be treated as full or part-time workers with benefits, set hours (often flexible), overtime, and other legal protection. However during COVID, various reports have revealed some of these organizations often don't benefit the workers at all, with employees having to deal with huge upfront costs for training and equipment as well as un-certain and inflexible hours that can disappear without warning.

With gig customer service, the gig crowd is sourced using gig technology platforms. GigCX Experts take on tasks on an on-demand basis from their homes (or anywhere, for that matter), helping companies to strip out fixed brick and mortar costs, which they can in turn reinvest in their people. GigCX is different to home working because this gig crowd applies themselves on a per task and case basis - gig tasks are not scheduled and they have complete choice on how many, and which tasks they claim. Finally, as GigCX is digital, experts only need a smartphone or laptop with working Wi-Fi in order to become an expert.

In this new CX service delivery model, the gig crowd is sourced from customer pools which are well acquainted with the brands. This creates a trusted crowd of product experts who are available to deliver better service on-demand, based on personal experience.

At the heart of it, GigCX is about empowering anyone, anywhere on the planet to earn money for providing brilliant customer service for brands they love. To learn more about the principals driving GigCX, see our GoodGig page.

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