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The SmartCrowd™ platform

Four simple steps to transform your customer experience


Invite your crowd

Invite people who really know your product to join the SmartCrowd™ platform. Our unique digital onboarding process checks their knowledge, language skills and passion for your brand. Within hours you have a powerful crowd of experts, available 24 hours a day, in any language.

Connect your crowd

Using simple APIs connect SmartCrowd to your existing digital channels or CRM system. Or simply deploy Limitless Live Messenger, our messaging tool, on any of your webpages or app in no time.

Optimise your crowd

Our SmartAI™ engine classifies each task to either deliver the perfect automated response or route it to the best expert for a fast and satisfying experience. SmartCrowd™ monitors and refines the quality of responses through algorithms, customer ratings and peer reviews so your customer experience keeps getting better.

Reward your crowd

Experts are rewarded for every task they complete in your local currency. Dynamic pricing takes into account the difficulty of a task, time of day, customer demand and more, so you always have the right resources on hand.

Why it works

Reduce cost to serve and enhance customer experience

Improve cost of acquisition and engagement

Boost customer retention and revenue per user

Access new talent pools and create agility 24/7

One platform
Four ways to use it

A brand expert answering a customer's query.


ACQUIRE: Improve your marketing performance and reduce acquisition costs. Help customers who click on your digital ads access real time reviews and feedback from users they trust.

A customer and brand expert communicating through crowdsourcing.


RETAIN: Increase retention and revenue per user by rewarding your biggest fans for helping new or less experienced customers get the most from your products.

A customer asking a question to our 3 brand experts.


INNOVATE: Make smarter decisions by relying on instant customer feedback. Test new products and services, refine customer journeys and reduce needless contact into call centres.

2 customers being connected through crowdsourcing.


SUPPORT: Respond faster, reduce cost-to-serve and improve customer experience by building a crowd of product experts to work alongside your contact centre. Provide the personal touch, 24/7, in any language.


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