Fast and Reliable Expert Onboarding

Powered by the Limitless GigCX platform

Deliver amazing customer experiences

Limitless handles all aspects of onboarding to ensure high quality customer interactions.


A fast and easy onboarding process


ID verification and background checks.


Qualified Experts added within hours

Brand consistent

Co-branded with Limitless and your company

Fully Customizable

Tailored onboarding to match your brand needs

Onboarding Process

Our team will work with you to create a tailored, automated onboarding campaign for your prospective Experts.

3-step onboarding process assesses brand knowledge, Limitless platform usage, and the service process related to customer response and escalation.

Step 1: Application

Individuals apply to become a GigCX Expert for your brand using a co-branded online form on the Limitless platform. This makes it clear that Experts are signing up to Limitless to support your brand.

Step 2: Learning & Assessment

Once individuals have submitted their interest, they confirm they meet the pre-determined onboarding criteria.They must then qualify to become an Expert by completing an online assessment tailored to your brand that includes brand learning and quizzes, and in-app practice questions, which simulate the live environment on the Limitless platform.Finally, individuals complete an identity verification process to ensure Limitless complies with all local regulations and meets compliance requirements.

Step 3: Go Live

Expert practice questions are rated by qualified Experts and the Limitless team. Individuals receive guidance from the reviewers.Once individuals’ ratings reach the required level, they are admitted into the live group and can begin answering real questions and earning rewards on the Limitless platform.Experts can also access the knowledge library as well as e-learning modules that are designed to expand their skills and knowledge.

Lightning-Fast Speed to Competency

GigCX Experts are already avid product users with existing knowledge of your products or services, so they don’t need training in the traditional sense. This native knowledge means Experts can achieve competency in just a few short days, not weeks or months.

The Limitless GigCX Expert onboarding process focuses on assessing knowledge, filling gaps, and reinforcing customer service best practices so communication is consistent with your brand. Our proven methodology ensures the right Experts become part of a healthy and engaged crowd.

Expert Identification & Sourcing

We work with you to determine the ideal Expert profile based on relevant criteria, such as the necessary skills and knowledge, tenure, brand engagement and more.

Once we identify the right group of people to target, we enable you to invite these individuals to become GigCX Experts for your brand using email invitations, social media posts, and other relevant channels.

Progress Reports

The Limitless team views detailed progress reports so we can see at quick glance how prospective Experts are progressing through the onboarding.

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