Secure Access

Experts can do anything contact center agents can - resolving 100% of your customer’s service needs
Experts can do anything a contact center agent can do

Resolve your customers' service needs

Through use of our GigCX Platform and optimization of our managed service offering, Limitless GigCX crowds can help you with all your customer support requirements

A more secure GigCX solution

To enable Experts to handle anything an Agent can, the Limitless GigCX Platform:

  • Locks down Expert devices so they can securely access client systems
  • Certifies and background checks Experts so they can access PII
  • Combines On-demand & Scheduled Experts to meet capacity and service expectations
Limitless Delivers a whole solution to your business.

An enhanced GigCX Platform empowering Pro Experts

  • Advanced Pro Expert verification and certification giving complete confidence of who is in the crowd
  • Advanced routing and intent matching so workload is distributed efficiently between Pro Experts and Experts
  • Immersive knowledge & practice environment for complex learning needs
  • Integrated quality features aligned to enterprise quality standards
  • Gamification reward and incentivization so Pros & Experts are fairly rewarded

Secure access to systems enables experts to do anything a contact center agent can do.

Pro Experts

GigCX Experts are already knowledgeable about your products and services and their usage. Where they need orientation is around: Brand, channel usage, customer service best practices, workflow.


Limitless provides a managed solution to ensure you get the most out of your GigCX Pro Experts. Our solution is built for your business. Service+ includes Pro Expert onboarding, advanced capacity planning & crowd health, and scheduling where relevant.


The GigCX Platform uses built in best practices ensure a smooth process and yields the best possible results. It handles all aspects of onboarding including: Learning, knowledge testing, customer service skill.

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