Reward Experts for Their Help

Easy-to-use expert reward structures to match your business, products, and services.

Motivate through flexible rewards

The Limitless GigCX platform makes it easy to motivate Experts with attractive, flexible rewards.

Reward structures are controlled by the GigCX platform and adjusted as needed to match your business, products, and services.

The platform gamifies and varies rewards based on experts' location, language, task complexity, and peak periods, or rewards them for consistently high ratings.

Instant Digital Payments

The Limitless GigCX platform instantly rewards Experts for successful outcomes using digital payments in their local currencyYou only pay for inquiries resolved by experts.

Experts can withdraw their earnings at any time.

Attractive Reward Levels

We aim to ensure Experts can earn more per task than they would in an equivalent role in a typical contact center or work from home environment. This is a fundamental part of our GoodGig Charter.

Gamified Rewards

Gamification provides opportunities to boost rewards to drive Expert engagement and activity.

Game types can drive performance, such as how often Experts are active on the platform, the times of day they’re active, improvements in their customer and peer ratings, whether they complete new learning modules, and more.

Competitive Environment

Our platform delivers work in a queue, allowing experts to select their preferred queries. This creates a positive, competitive environment. Experts must maintain their key metrics to work on the platform and they select work they can excel at to get the best results, maintain high ratings, and maximize their earnings.

Push Notifications Drive Action

Reliability and availability of the Expert Crowd is critical to success of the Limitless GigCX® Platform, which is built on an incentive-based model with push notifications to Experts when there are cases to be resolved.

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