A fully-managed solution to optimize your crowd

We offer a fully managed crowd solution that meets pre-determined SLAs so you can focus on your customers.

Let us do it for you

No need for internal staff to maintain the routing rules, train the agents, or ensure quality on a day-to-day basis — we do that for you.

Expert Onboarding & Crowd Management

We handle the entire onboarding process for your Experts. Once your crowd is live, we handle capacity planning, Expert retention, and query and escalation management.

Platform Optimization

We configure the GigCX platform to meet your desired outcomes and monitor KPIs and SLAs in real-time, reviewing results with you along the way.

Quality & Knowledge Management

We carefully monitor Expert activity to maximize performance, and provide ongoing education through our extensive knowledge base.

What is Limitless GigCX?

A powerful solution to help you acquire more customers, support more customers, and create better experiences.

What is Limitless GigCX?


The Limitless GigCX platform provides everything needed to manage and optimize your crowd of Experts.


Whether it’s solving an issue with a subscription or teaching customers how to use your products, there’s nothing quite like working with someone who has hands-on experience and a passion for your brand.

Managed Solution

The Limitless GigCX platform and the crowd are both managed by the team at Limitless so you can focus on your business while we focus on delivering amazing customer experiences.

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