What does Pride mean to you?

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Equality, Representation, and Inclusion is at the heart of the Limitless business. In fact, it's a major part of our GoodGig Principles.

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, faith, ability, race, gender or sexuality is free to be themselves all the time and have equal opportunity when joining Limitless to become an Expert.

Pride Month is so important to us because we are passionate about appreciating the LGBTQ+ community and diversity, remembering the progress that has been made on LGBTQ+ rights, and celebrating love in all its forms.

But what does Pride mean to you? This is the question we asked all our Experts and here's some of the amazing answers we got!To me, Pride means everyone has a voice, it puts away the rift that prejudice used to cause. As a stutterer in a developing country, I found myself at different point of my life helping others to see that we should "include all", irrespective of life choices, body choices and so on. Thank you Limitless for giving me a voice too.

It is a huge celebration, a celebration of people, all people. Where people would like to live in a world full of respect, tolerance, consideration, support and love.

Pride means to me that everyone can be who they are.

The ability and freedom to be who I am and openly love the persons I choose without stigma and shame.

Pride is being proud of who you are. It's about not worrying what others will think of you or being discriminated against based on your race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

Pride means acceptance and authenticity of self. It's a time when people can gather and accept themselves and each other and maybe just for a moment be able to breathe a sign of contentment.

Pride means love, acceptance, educating and celebration.

Free to be who you want to be.

Pride is the opportunity to be openly expressive, loving, and honest. Pride is being unafraid of your true self and, if we're lucky, met with understanding and support. Pride is also feeling a part of something and connected. When we are part of a community we experience feelings of acceptance and nurturance.

Recognition of people who are proud to be outspoken of their preferences. Love is love, you can't stop the heart feeling the way it does.

Pride is people being treated with respect and kindness, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Pride means being myself.

The main themes we identified from the responses are respect, freedom, and a celebration of our differences rather than a desire for us all to be the same. This is a great reminder of guiding principles for working with our clients, Experts, and our own team members.

Equality, Representation, and Inclusion is a journey and something that is continually progressed, as opposed to a superficial box to tick. At Limitless, we're working on a clear Culture Framework that allows us to engage our teams regularly about Equality, Representation and Inclusion and empower them to be their best selves in and out of work (which is a major part of our GoodGig principles).

We asked our team what Pride means to them in one word - here's a selection of some of our favourite answers celebrating what they believe Pride to be. Enjoy!

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