The role of the GigCX Experts in the customer journey

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Now that it’s firmly in the mainstream, GigCX shouldn’t just be seen as an alternative to low-value, high-volume customer service inquiries. The real value emerges when you align it with the service propositions you have for different customer segments and leverage it to improve the experience across the overall customer lifecycle.

GigCX Experts are from locations all around the world, whereas agents are traditionally hired from the areas surrounding a physical contact center or work remotely from home. This gives you access to a much larger and more diverse pool of talent, and with a variety of backgrounds, skills and abilities. 

Moreover, GigCX Experts provide real-world usage knowledge about brands’ products and services, including the impact those products have in their day-to-day lives. GigCX Experts bring a distinctive point of view because they have been through the customer journey themselves, something traditional agents don’t necessarily have.

From online setup questions to subscription customer service inquiries, to like-minded peers putting their heads together to deliver honest answers surrounding products and services, it’s safe to say GigCX is becoming an essential customer experience resource faster than we ever thought possible.

Let’s explore some of the ways GigCX can enhance the customer journey.

Pre-sale support

When it comes to getting advice about buying new products and services, most consumers prefer to talk with real product users who have hands-on experience with the products or services they’re considering.

When Nissan Europe launched its peer-to-peer support program for pre-sale queries surrounding its Nissan LEAF, it turned to trusted brand advocates, GigCX Experts, to answer questions and offer authentic advice and insight to prospective buyers based on their experience of owning a Nissan LEAF.

"We are confident that providing a human, conversational component to our customer experience and advocacy will produce positive and authentic responses, making prospective customers more comfortable about making purchase decisions. We trust and empower our customers, enabling them to answer our potential customers' questions, which we believe is key in creating a truly personalised customer journey."

Xavier Diquet of Nissan

Coaching and onboarding new customers

One of the most common ways we see GigCX used by brands is in helping new customers get started with their products or services.

eBay invited its 'expert sellers' to provide online coaching and support to thousands of new businesses just starting out on its platform.

"Sellers want to speak to like-minded individuals that can advise them in real-time, based on their own nuanced and experienced understanding of our platform, and it’s great that we’re now facilitating those conversations.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity for our experts to earn additional income, being paid for their extensive knowledge and understanding of eBay."

Rob Hattrell, VP, eBay UK

Ongoing customer support

Unilever incorporated GigCX into its service operation to shift to an ‘always on’ 24/7 service model and drive brand advocacy and consumer engagement. It now sees unparalleled levels of engagement as GigCX Experts use their innate brand knowledge and product experience to provide personalized responses to consumer inquiries.

"With its agile and global operating model, [GigCX] creates high-quality experiences for our consumers. We continue to expand the GigCX model to provide further engagement opportunities for our consumers at different stages of their digital experience with our products."

Manish Makhijani, Global Consumer Insights Director, Unilever

Gig Experts help across the entire customer journey

As brand advocates, GigCX Experts already walked in your customers’ shoes and can draw upon their hard-earned knowledge and experience with a product or service to help provide the best possible support at any point in the customer journey.

To learn more about GigCX, contact our team of experts today.

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