Myth: GigCX is still for early adopters

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Gig customer service (GigCX) is gaining unprecedented momentum, but that doesn't mean that everyone who is anyone in customer service understands its value (shocking I know). In fact, we see a lot of people still believing the hype that surrounds many of the myths wrongly associated with GigCX (What is GigCX?). So, starting today, we're busting GigCX myths one at a time, starting with the worst offender:

Myth 1: GigCX has not crossed the chasm and is still the realm of the early adopters. 

Watch the video (Chris does an excellent summary) or read the full blog below!

We all know being one of the first to try something can be a slightly daunting concept - it's human nature that we like to get confirmation from people we trust before taking the dip ourselves. Well the good news here is that this isn't one of those situations! A whole host of major brands have already adopted gig customer service as part of their global customer service strategies.

So, who is using it? Our customers, for a start. Microsoft, eBay, Unilever, Sage, Daily Mail, XBox, NewDay, The Dollar Shave Club, Sun Basket, National Express, Postmates - to name a few. While these brands may be pioneers, there are many other companies that are mobilizing with GigCX.

Right now you could say that you're right in the sweet spot - GigCX is established enough that you can trust it works (or we would be struggling to attract the above brands), and yet we're still early enough along that you can use it as a competitive advantage. Good news - you haven't been left behind... yet.

Here's what a few of these CX leaders have to say about the benefits of GigCX:

I really had no concerns about GigCX: if the gig workforce can't answer or help the customer, the model means the query very quickly moves into the normal channels. I had no nervousness.

 Aileen Allkins, former CVP Customer Service and Support, Microsoft 

Having a GigCX model also helps us deal with demand variability, with the GigCX crowd flexing during peak trading hours. Because we're teaching our own product fans to deliver amazing customer service, the speed-to-competency is remarkably reduced, and we can ramp very quickly to achieve operational goals.

 Sue Morris, Vice President, Global Support, GitHub 

Having a consumer-to-consumer engagement brings in an element of trust and authenticity as people share product experiences, useful tips and empathize over common issues. This is the power of GigCX - it allows people who are product lovers to share their passion and experiences with others.

 Manish Makhijani, Global Customer Insights Director, Unilever 

To find out more about how major brands are using GigCX, there is no better resource than our latest research, which is summed up nicely in The 2020 Gig Customer Service Report.

Up next in our series, we're busting the myth that GigCX can only handle chatbot level queries.

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