UK’s favourite value-for-money transport provider is using CrowdService to keep customers onboard

National Express

As our business grows, we need to be more agile to address rapidly shifting customer preferences, and scale resources depending on demand. As a value player in our market, we also need to be able to control our cost base in line with these resourcing needs. Limitless’ innovative Customer Service model allows us to create new flexible ways of working, by tapping into diverse pools of skilled talent. Leveraging the talent available within our own customer base, has helped improve our customer engagement and drive advocacy. 

Vinay Parmar – UK Customer and Digital Experience Director


National Express is the largest operator of scheduled coach services in the UK, managing over 550 coaches and 19 million passengers every year. Rising costs and high attrition were putting pressure on its contact centre operations. At the same time, volatility in digital demand created resourcing challenges, which were squeezing productivity levels and impacting agent morale.  The business needed a flexible, on-demand service model to help ease the pressure on its contact centres while maintaining optimal service levels at a significantly lower cost to serve.


Deploying CrowdServiceTM allows National Express to attract its most engaged customers and reward them for providing on-demand customer service. Using a mobile or desktop app, Experts (who are freelancers) answer enquiries from other customers on a wide range of topics including ticketing, journey planning, website assistance, discounts/offers etc. This then leaves the Customer Support teams free to focus on the most complicated or sensitive enquiries.

Through deploying Limitless Live MessengerTM peer-to-peer messaging on its website pages, National Express is deflecting more digital enquiries to its Experts. The brand is now able to leverage Experts’ native knowledge and passion to facilitate prompt and highly personalised peer to peer conversations.

Business Impact

  • Crowd regularly flexes to handle 400%+ on-the-day peaks: National Express is now able to attract and retain a pool of freelance talent to support planned and unplanned spikes in demand.  This was demonstrated during February 2018, when snow disrupted travel causing a huge spike in email enquiries. For a week, contact volumes quadrupled – however, the freelance Experts were able to easily absorb the demand spike, helping maintain service levels and easing pressure on the Customer Service Teams.
  • 20% reduction in cost to serve: Through building a network of Experts who can flex in line with demand, the innovative model has achieved a proven 20% reduction in cost per case.  
  • CSAT at 90%:  Since the programme went live in March 2017, Customer Satisfaction Scores have improved 10% and is currently trending at 90%! 
  • Improved digital response times from 72 hours to 5 mins: Over the course of a year, the average response time reduced from 3 days to 5 minutes – response rates unheard of in the customer service industry!
  • Deflected 10% of calls to messaging: With Limitless Live MessengerTM, 10% of digital enquiries are being deflected to Ambassadors daily and this is rising.


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