Myth: GigCX is the same as crowdsourcing

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The eighth instalment of our GigCX myth-busting is here! This week we look at why GigCX needs to be viewed differently to crowdsourcing, and the real differences between the two in definition and in application. To be reminded of the definition of what GigCX is, then click here.

This week's myth: GigCX is the same as Crowdsourcing

Specifically, let's look at GigCX, the term used for the pool of gig expert talent, mainly made up of brand's own customers or even its employees working on a gig basis, that can provide on-demand customer service. As customers or employees of the brands, experts are able to resolve a wide variety of product and service-related support tickets. 

In an enterprise situation, both crowdsourcing and GigCX pay people for their input and expertise, but while crowdsourcing focuses on sourcing lots of people for big tasks, GigCX is a quality-driven resource channel specific to individual requests, or more specialized requests. Look at this way: LEGO's Ideas platform crowdsources ideas for new LEGO sets and has come up with some brilliant products off the back of it (such as its Beatles' "Yellow Submarine") but also some dodgy ideas (who in their right mind would want the second, incomplete Death Star in Lego form?!),

Compare this with GigCX, where customers contacting Microsoft Support or using their Virtual Assistant can be routed seamlessly to a GigCX crowd of Microsoft Ambassadors through asynchronous messaging. This enables Microsoft to leverage its fans' knowledge and enthusiasm to resolve customer queries regarding managing user accounts, billing and subscriptions. 

It's extremely specific and individualized, and Experts are trained (whereas people involved in crowdsourcing are usually not.) This in itself is extremely relevant in today's challenging times. Many businesses have had to close their call center, using GigCX to help with as they transition call center staff to function effectively at home. Business continuity as such has been re-defined, with GigCX becoming a mainstream part of many new call center models. When you ask yourself the question "what if you had to close your call center and start from scratch?" It's GigCX, and not crowdsourcing, that you'd be looking to as a fundamental channel.

It's not to say that crowdsourcing is limited to amassing creativity and innovation - the model itself can certainly help people and deliver extremely useful and timely information. Look at community-based GPS traffic and navigation apps. Users report real-time traffic and road information in order to help users to help each other reach their destinations promptly and safely.

All in all, we're set to see both crowdsourcing and GigCX continue to become mainstream, community-driven models that will both inspire and help. Crowdsourcing will continue killing it when it comes to widespread innovation and new ideas, and GigCX will continue to kill it as a foundation for organizations to trust in their customers, to deliver a very agile, faster, better and cheaper CX workforce.

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