What if you had to close your call center?

Rapid deployment of GigCX will enable your staff working from home – and your best customers – to provide service, fast.

Create 3 potential teams able to respond to your customers’ requests

Deploy your gig crowd in days

Your customer experts
Your support staff
Your agents

How the Limitless app works

  1. The customer enters the Limitless Messenger either via your website, or through an IVR to Messenger link.
  2. The customer can then ask their query.
  3. This query will be routed to one of your 3 crowds of experts.
  4. The expert can then answer the query. The platform also allows for asynchronous messaging meaning the customer can pick it up at any time.
  5. The expert is rated on their performance, which is then used for future routing.

How it works in three simple steps

Business Continuity for COVID-19 Playbook

Download this guide to explore how you can more effectively plan for a scenario of increased customer contact with reduced resources.

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Limitless Business Continuity Explained

Learn in simple terms how we can help with your business continuity, helping your agents stay online and supplementing them with gig experts.

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Limitless CrowdService

Find out what GigCX is and how it can work alongside your Customer Service operation to deliver fantastic service at a lower cost to serve.

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A customer query being answered by one of our brand experts.

Book a tailored demo with one of our GigCX specialists to see how Limitless can help you

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