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Meet the Experts

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Wargaming is an award-winning online games developer and publisher, a global leader in the growing massively multiplayer online (MMO) market. Wargaming operates an innovative gig-based model of customer service - using its most loyal players to help solve customer issues and rewarding them for their knowledge and passion. Today, Wargaming Troopers (as they're affectionately called) resolve customer queries 2x times faster than customer service agents, in English, German, French and Polish while driving player satisfaction to never before levels. You can read more about how the troopers and a gig-based CX is transforming the Gaming sector in this article.

Speaking of the key people driving this success - meet one of our most enthusiastic Wargaming Troopers, an ardent gamer and a gigger, who has been helping other players and earning good money in return. And while she is at it, she's also debunking some stereotypes around "how all gamers are men!"

Meet Dominicka

Name: Dominicka

Age: 30

Profession: Biologist, specialising in Seed Testing plus mom of two sons

Lives in: Kraków, Poland

Dominicka contends that she is in the minority in the gaming community and would love more women to take up gaming as a hobby - "It's a great stress buster and keeps your mind sharp and focused." She joined Limitless a year ago and loves that she can help players of World of Tanks (her favourite game) while earning on the go.

About me

I've been a World of Tanks gamer since 2013. The opportunity to join Limitless as a Wargaming Trooper came about unexpectedly, but it was perfect for me! I am always happy to help other players - in the game client as well as in social media groups and being able to earn while doing something I love is absolutely great!

Why I love freelancing

Limitless is the perfect solution for me while I'm not home, riding the bus or just waiting for my kids to finish their swimming lessons. 

I love the fact that being a Trooper does not require any commitments from my side. I just log in during my free time (it might be a few minutes or an hour - but I am in control). Also, I love sharing my knowledge. There are things that are so obvious to me as an experienced tank commander - after almost 62,000 battles and driving over 270 different tanks no question can surprise me!

What is my day like with freelancing

I like to get up early, before anyone else is awake, which gives me a few hours to clean up, do the washing and respond to a few questions between my coffee and breakfast. After a whole busy day working and spending time with my family, in the afternoon, I launch World Of Tanks, play few battles, say 'hi' to my game friends and respond to some players' gameplay-related questions - it is crucial to have the game launched while answering as there might be new daily missions to clarify or events to explain.

What are my hobbies

Besides gaming, I'm really keen on keeping my body in shape training CrossFit 5-6 times a week. I'm exercising right now to improve my handstand walk!

How have I spent my Limitless earnings

I'm mostly saving up to replace my old furniture and decorate my house but also spending some of it to buy brand new tanks to upgrade my collection and conquer the battlefields.

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