Annual Gig Customer Service Report

The Explosive Rise of GigCX

Download the first-ever annual Gig Customer Service report where we explore how gig-based customer service (GigCX) is transforming the industry. The report features insights from companies like Microsoft, Unilever and Sage, a spotlight interview with Aileen Allkins (formerly Corporate VP, Customer Service & Support at Microsoft), analyst views from Ember Group, and results from our GigCX Experts survey.

What you’ll find in the report:

  1. What is GigCX? – we explain what GigCX is, how it differs from traditional models, and what’s driving its growth.
  2. GigCX Pioneers – interviews with CX leaders from major brands such as Microsoft, GitHub, Unilever, and Sage about how GigCX has enhanced their CX operations.
  3. GigCX Expert Research – we delve into the key insights from our research from 500 current Experts about who they are, how they gig, and why they do it.
  4. Analyst Opinion from Ember Group – a Q&A with Chris Mcilduff, Chief Customer Officer, on how GigCX fits in with the evolution of customer service models.
  5. What the future holds – we finish up by looking at the future of GigCX and advise what companies should be looking to do to future proof themselves.