Global CX leaders predict the explosive rise of GigCX

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Today we released our third-annual GigCX report, The Inevitable, Explosive Growth of GigCX, with headline data revealing that nearly 80% of CX leaders surveyed feel that the GigCX model is ‘inevitable,’ and that it is here to stay.

While most businesses deal with attrition and staff shortages, our research reveals that 96% of GigCX Experts are happy to continue with GigCX for the foreseeable future, providing a reliable resource that flexes with demand in volume. 

The research features a report foreword by CX visionary Adrian Swinscoe and insight from CX analysts Max Ball (Forrester), Mark Hillary, and Nick Clark (Boston Consulting Group). It includes advice and commentary from 15 CX leaders, from organizations including PwC, Execs In The Know, and app-based economy association Flex, and brands like Microsoft, Unilever and Genesys. 

The research also shows that GigCX Experts continue to prioritize flexibility. Of those surveyed, 40% have full-time day jobs, while half gig daily and 30% make between $50-$199 weekly. 

The report also revealed that GigCX Experts feel confident they can handle increasingly complex queries. This is timely given the increasing difficulty organizations are having in attracting and retaining traditional customer service agents. The finding is lauded by CX leaders who have begun to regard the solution as one that will help them diversify operations in the future - an attractive quality as companies navigate disruption caused by the pandemic or plan for possible future disruptions.

“We've seen significant drive from large organizations recognizing they cannot have single vendor or location dependencies, and the gig economy offers unique elasticity within that resourcing pool. Our report data shows that CX leaders are open to using GigCX platforms to enable alternative resourcing models, and that GigCX Experts are immensely dedicated. Ninety percent say GigCX has improved their lives, 83% say GigCX has had a positive effect on their mental wellbeing, and 96% say that they will continue to do GigCX work for the next 12 months. It’s rare to see such synergy in a customer service delivery model.”

Megan Neale, Limitless COO and Co-founder

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