The Experts behind GigCX

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Meet the Experts behind GigCX

Considering implementing gig-based customer service (GigCX) in your organization, but wondering just who are the GigCX Experts who’ll be interacting with your customers?

GigCX Experts are passionate, knowledgeable individuals who generally enjoy helping other people with their questions about the products or services they love.

 After surveying over 600 GigCX Experts in our annual GigCX Report, we've uncovered just who they are and why they do the important work of GigCX.

Who are GigCX Experts?

GigCX Experts come from all walks of life, spanning various genders, ages, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups.

Having such a diverse pool of Experts means customers receive an authentic, empathetic experience any time they engage with an Expert, no matter where they live. Aside from breaking language barriers, Experts understand cultural nuances, allowing them to not only meets their technical needs, but also their cultural and ethnic needs.

A diverse, global GigCX Crowd

The GigCX crowd is a diverse crowd of independent freelancers from more than 34 countries, 6 continents, speaking more than 41 languages. (We’re still looking for that elusive Antarctician Expert - their hot water bottle expertise is unparalleled!)

GigCX fits perfectly into a multitude of lifestyles, including students, retirees, full-time caregivers, and full- and part-time workers from all industries, allowing them to earn extra money on their own schedule.

GigCX Experts tend to be younger on average

Gen Z and millennials (ages 18-39) make up the biggest portion of current GigCX Experts we surveyed. Roughly three-fourths (74%) of those we surveyed fell into this group. Yet, there is representation from every generational group, demonstrating that GigCX can work for anyone.

While there is representation from every generational group, GigCX Experts are trending older. Those ages 30-39 represented 40% of those we surveyed in 2023, up from 36% in 2022 and 24% in 2021, and those ages 18-29 represented 34% of those we surveyed in 2023, down from 41% in 2022 and 54% in 2021.

GigCX Experts are highly educated and skilled

Uneducated? Unskilled? These are some of the common stereotypes of the GigCX crowd, yet these couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of the GigCX Experts we surveyed, 83% said they are educated to an undergraduate level or above. Additionally, more than half (59%) are currently working as full- or part-time employees elsewhere, applying their existing skills to GigCX.

Additionally, more than half (60%) are currently working as full- or part-time employees elsewhere, applying their existing skills to GigCX.

Why do GigCX Experts gig?

With the opportunity to earn extra income, the number of people doing gig-based work continues to grow across multiple industries. (Learn why more and more people choosing GigCX as their side hustle.)

Let’s look at some of the reasons individuals have turned to GigCX as an additional source of income.


The reasons individuals decide to do GigCX vary greatly, but the top reason is the flexibility to earn money on their own time and schedule. More than half of Experts (55%) surveyed in this year’s report said flexibility was their top reason.

The advantages of being able to work when and how much you want is critical to those doing GigCX. They either can't fit a fixed schedule into their time as a full- or part-time employee, caregiver, or student, or they want to enjoy their hard-earned retirement.


The second most popular reason for doing GigCX, as stated by nearly half (43%) of the Experts we surveyed, is the satisfaction they get helping other customers.

Simply put, they enjoy helping people. This is a theme that shows up time in time again when we talk with Experts about their motivations. (See for yourself!)


Becoming an Expert had positive personal and financial benefits for those we surveyed. Of those we surveyed, 71% said doing GigCX made them feel better about their financial security, 74% said they are living a better life as a result of doing gig-based work, and 82% said GigCX has helped to supplement their disposable income.

Personal development

GigCX has helped individuals gain new skills, such as problem solving, interpersonal communication, and time management. Three out of four GigCX Experts (76%) we surveyed said they have gained new skills because of doing GigCX.

How do GigCX Expert gig?

Night owl? Early bird? On the train? While watching Netflix? GigCX Experts handle customer inquiries anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Nearly half (47%) of GigCX Experts we surveyed said they gig daily, with roughly three-quarters (79%) gigging 10 hours or less per week.

With Experts answering customer inquiries at all hours of the day and night, GigCX lives up to its claim of being available on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, the types of inquiries Experts respond to vary greatly. Half of the Experts we surveyed (53%) said they primarily provide technical support, 13% said they provide sales support, and 11% said they coach customers on how to use products or services.

While Experts currently respond to a variety of inquiries, our research shows they (and brands they support) believe they can provide more advanced support in other areas as well, including inquiries that require access to more personal customer data.

The perfect Expert for every customer

As you can see, the GigCX Crowd is a melting pot of people from all walks of life, using GigCX in different ways, for a whole range of reasons. 

This diversity is something we're incredibly proud of and is also great news for the organizations they help. Because the diversity of the Crowd mirrors the diversity of the customers they serve, there will always be the perfect Expert for every customer.

If you'd like to read the full report, make sure you download it here. And if you're interested at creating a GigCX crowd of your own customer experts, get in touch and we can discuss in more detail.

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