Myth: Gig-based companies exploit workers by circumventing labor laws

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It's tough to believe that we've already reached part four of our GigCX Myth Busting series, but here we go!

First and foremost, if you've not heard of GigCX before, click here for a short and snappy definition. And a reminder that if you want to check out last week's blog, where we discussed how GigCX Experts can provide equal (often better) service than in-house agents, click here!

This week, we are busting a myth that is getting a lot of media coverage with the developments in California around gig worker rights and classifications with several other gig-based companies. This myth being that gig-based companies are exploiting workers through circumventing labor laws and bad gig practices.

Watch the video or read the full blog below!

Obviously all we can do is talk for ourselves, but when it comes to GigCX - the situation is very different for 4 main reasons - all of which are covered in our GoodGig Charter.

Barrier to entry

Where other gig roles may require a high upfront investment (car, tax, insurance etc.) when it comes to GigCX, the only thing you need to start is a smartphone or laptop with access to the internet - which most people have anyway. Oh, and passion for a brand of course! This means more inclusivity, and that any money you earn is going into your pocket, and not just paying off the tools you required to gig in the first place.


Other gig platforms are known to penalize their workers if they don't put in a certain amount of hours each week, and particularly in less popular times. This removes the freedom and flexibility that most gig workers were seeking when they started gigging at the beginning. With GigCX however, the only thing that will determine the level of earning opportunities you get is the quality of your performance. This is both within your own control - and good practice.

Expectation to work

Due to the expensive barriers to entry that need to be paid off and penalization of lower hours, on other gig platforms, it often leads to giggers treating it like a full-time job. People become tied to these platforms - again defeating the point of gigging in the first place. With GigCX, the low barriers to entry and lack of penalization means you can work as little or often as you like, whenever and wherever you like. We actively discourage taking the risk of making GigCX your main source of income due to the risk of the unpredictable volumes involved - the COVID impact being a good example.

Rewarding fairly

Due to the lack of typical workplace benefits in gig, and the bad gig practices you've just read - a lot of scrutiny is rightly put on gig platforms' rewards for their gig workers. Often with all of the above considered, gig workers can find themselves bringing little money home in comparison to their output. However due to the little barriers to entry and flexibility in hours and location GigCX brings, GigCX Experts often find themselves earning between 1.3 - 2x the amount an average call center worker would in a similar role - all in their local currency.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, there is a lot of mixed opinions in the media at the moment about gig-based platforms - but hopefully we've now busted the myth that all are the same, and that GigCX really follows GoodGig principles.

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