Is GigCX the remedy to contact center hiring challenges?

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We recently surveyed 400 customer service managers from the U.S. and U.K. to uncover some of the challenges currently facing contact center leaders.

Here are a few insights we found particularly interesting, and how GigCX can help address these challenges. (Want to read the full survey findings? Check them out.)

1. Employees Want Flexibility

Most people have had their eyes opened to a new way of working that far better suits their lifestyle, and they aren't keen to let it go. In our survey, we found that more than half (56%) of customer service managers say changes to schedule flexibility appear to be an area of resistance for employees. 

Undoubtedly, replacing hours of commuting with quality personal time is an appealing package. It’s no surprise that contact center employees want to keep up this flexible working life.

GigCX provides just the kind of flexible environment that people are looking for. Because GigCX Experts complete tasks on their own time, with no schedules or commitments, they are able to earn money whenever and wherever they want. This flexibility means individuals are ultimately happier as GigCX Experts, and this happiness shines through in the quality of their interactions with customers.

2. WFH is difficult to operate for traditional contact centers

While contact centers employees are keen to maintain flexible working, this enthusiasm isn’t generally shared by managers. We found that more than half (51.75%) of customer service employees are being encouraged to return to the office, and that managers say a work from home (WFH) model is too difficult to operate.

Operating a WFH model for traditional contact centers requires a very different operating infrastructure, as well as different recruitment and training practices than a brick-and-mortar model.

GigCX can help you meet customer demand in this challenging time by providing a new and better way to serve customers across the customer lifecycle. GigCX Experts can work from anywhere and provide quality customer service, with CSAT scores often 10-20 percent higher than traditional models. GigCX Experts complete tasks on-demand from anywhere. They only need a smartphone or laptop with working Wi-Fi to answer customer inquiries and don’t have any fixed brick-and-mortar costs.

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Because GigCX leverages existing customers and advocates with existing knowledge and works on a gig model, it bypasses many of the pandemic-related problems facing contact centers at this moment, including hiring, training, shift scheduling, quality, and other issues related to a WFH model.

Megan Neale, Limitless COO and Co-Founder

3. Contact centers are struggling to retain talent

Although attrition has been a trend that has polarized the CX industry for years, it has worsened in recent years. As demonstrated with ‘The Great Resignation,’ the pandemic triggered a tremendous pause, whereby many people began to re-evaluate their employment and work environment options. Many decided they wanted to work less, travel more, or move away from the traditional 9-5 business day model.

Our survey revealed that contact center managers are concerned about the growing challenge of hiring and retaining qualified talent:

  • 44% of customer service managers say hiring employees is harder now than it was pre-pandemic.
  • More than one-third (35%) of customer service managers think staff resignations have increased when compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  • 62% of customer service managers say they have had to increase recruitment spend in order to meet staffing minimums.

What does this mean? To attract and retain customer service staff, it may be helpful for employers to think about how they engage people differently and offer flexibility so they can work on their own terms. 

This is one of the many reasons why CX leaders are turning to GigCX, where they can easily tap into a limitless pool of brand enthusiasts and product experts anywhere in the world, instantly. 

GigCX Experts are invited based on their existing knowledge. A crowd can be formed within five days. Once live, they have the freedom to operate on their own schedule and are compensated well  - fundamental components to our GoodGig® commitment. Because the barrier to helping customers is so much lower in a GigCX model, attrition doesn’t have the same impact it does when hiring full-time employees in the contact center.

GigCX may just be the solution for how people want to work. Want to learn more?

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