Cultivating empathy in CX, with Natalie Petouhoff

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In this episode of the GigCX Decoded podcast, we speak with Natalie Petouhoff, a leader in the CX space.

Natalie is a Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Board Member, Expert In Residence, and a Strategist in AI, CX and EX. She cowrote Empathy in Action and has a massive amount of industry experience, including the time she spent as an analyst and consultant.

In this interview, Natalie shares what "empathy in action" really means, what it looks like in real-world scenarios, and why many organizations get it wrong.

She also discusses why most businesses view customer service as a cost center, why it's hard to change that mindset, and what it's going to take to change to a "cost savings, revenue generating" mindset.

Finally, she shares why she loves GigCX and how it can help organizations in their journey to cultivate empathy in the customer experience.

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