How subscription-based businesses can improve CX

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Welcome to the latest installment in our Act Now blog series! In this installment, we'll be exploring how subscription-based businesses can improve CX.

So, what can subscription-based businesses do to complement and enhance this new customer-led journey?

Journeying beyond traditional models

In order to stand out against their competitors and win over new customers, subscription-based businesses need to cater to new and ever-evolving demands. Traditional contact models, based on in house contact centers or BPOs, are often not the best option when providing customer service for subscription based businesses because contact is only provided at the "point of failure." Because of their cost, BPO contact center agents are often used when customers are unhappy with a product or service. Agents in this environment are like firefighters, simply hosing down a problem when it flares up.

In the subscription sector, this approach doesn't work. Customers can hit "cancel subscription" far quicker than they can contact customer service, wait in a virtual queue, and speak to an agent. Traditional 9-5 call centers that answer the phone simply aren't equipped to properly support customers for subscription businesses. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. Brands within the subscription space can act now to ensure customer service is a valuable revenue-generator, rather than a cost function.

How exactly can brands fulfil this expectation? By adopting a more proactive approach with GigCX. Ultimately, investing in customer service and customer brand communications can help subscription-based companies stay ahead of the game. Customers rightly believe that to pay for a subscription is to also pay for a service - both in terms of the product itself (i.e. Netflix, and the streaming capability) and the personalized support on hand whenever it is needed. 

Value added service

So, how specifically can brands build stronger relationships with consumers? Through targeted and consistent customer service offered by our GigCX Experts, brands can convert a keen customer into a passionately committed one, and upgrade them to every new service or offering available. The key thing here is to maximize every communication opportunity, as every kind of support they receive, matters, including consideration and onboarding. Authentic and knowledgeable customer service is much more likely to resonate with users and this can be achieved with a program run by fellow subscription service users. At the same time, brands can promote personalized offerings or even provide exclusive deals for existing customers to invite their friends and family.

By improving customer service with GigCX, brands can kill two birds with one stone. Customer retention will improve as individuals benefit from personalized support, resulting in fewer major problems and therefore fewer cancellations of the service. Existing users - who have deep product knowledge - are also more likely to offer recommendations for the service via word of mouth, resulting in overall growth of the customer base. After all, how many of us have subscribed to a subscription service - whether it be a meal prep box or a video streaming service - after hearing of its benefits and good customer support via a friend or review sites?

The opportunity

By using GigCX agents - subscription businesses can guarantee the stability of their customer pool. Here, we're talking about offering - and building - Customer Lifetime Value, all via quality service, authentic conversations, and the quickest response times, as and when the customer demands. 

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