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Have you invested considerable time, infrastructure, and money into servicing customers through voice communication?

Voice is not only expensive, but it also doesn’t typically meet the expectations of a younger generation of consumers, who have come to expect a digital, self-service model for our interactions with brands.

While voice will always be part of the way people and brands connect, the relentless march of technology has made it easier and more desirable to conduct most interactions automatically and through digital channels.

Shift Left and the Digital Revolution

Shift Left is a concept that was originally used in software development to get things into the hands of users faster and to test more often with smaller increments of code.

Today, many businesses have adopted the Shift Left concept in other areas of operation, including customer service.

What is Shift Left for Customer Service?

Shift Left is a purposeful, focused investment in digital customer service. It recognizes that most people want to resolve issues as fast and easily as they can.

The goal of Shift Left for customer service is to move information that was historically unavailable to customers – accessible only through an agent in a contact center via voice – and make it available to customers through cheaper, more modern, digital channels.

Digital access points like the web and digital channels, SMS and chat are simply easier for most people to navigate. Information is available on the web via modern knowledge bases.

Today, investment in artificial intelligence (AI), which requires a knowledge base at its core, and COVID have accelerated this Shift Left mentality.

How does GigCX fit into Shift Left for customer service?

Gig for customer experience (GigCX®) makes it easy to set up a crowd of super users (drawn from your customers) to assist customers who need more than what’s available in a knowledge base.

These crowds can interact with customers over digital channels and act as experts on the knowledge base content, refining it, and applying it to specific customer situations. Their experience with your products and services makes them uniquely qualified to support a Shift Left initiative.

At Limitless, we use GoodGig® and our award-winning GigCX Platform to ensure GigCX experts (i.e., your customers) have a fun and engaging experience as they help other customers resolve issues.

If you are considering a Shift Left initiative, are focused on making your digital customer service better, or you’ve mandated a digital-first investment strategy, consider GigCX.

With GigCX, you can improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores (10%+) and reduce costs (50%+) over existing models, making it essential for any company with a Shift Left initiative.

Want to learn more about GigCX? Download the annual GigCX Report or contact us today to setup a call.

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