Microsoft Experts to use AI to answer better and faster

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In her article "Debunking the AI myth in customer service," our co-founder Megan Neale attempts to dispel CX leaders' common fears around AI. She argues that AI by itself doesn't work - it needs to be a blended solution (like our SmartAITM offering) where the AI component constantly learns from real time evolving customer conversations on our platform and vice-versa.

Over the past 2 years, we've fine-tuned our SmartAITM solution to offer exactly this. SmartAssist, a core feature of our SmartAITM learns from historic conversations to surface highly accurate responses to our Experts in the app, helping them answer better and faster. And excitingly, we've now rolled it out for one of our biggest clients, Microsoft.

How will SmartAssistTM help our Microsoft Experts 

If you're a Microsoft Expert on the Limitless app, chances are you'll be fielding a volley of online queries from users ranging from "how do I cancel my subscription?" to "how to switch on/off auto renew?" to "my account has been hacked - please help!" And while our Experts are clever, tech savvy and eager to help, the answers might not always be at the tip of their fingers. SmartAssistTM helps our Microsoft Experts save time and improve productivity in 2 ways

  • Learns from a repository of highly rated answers: Our SmartCrowd platform is self-regulating, in that, the Experts peer-review each other's answers thus maintaining a high level of quality in responses. Our SmartAssist feature takes into consideration these reviews in order to drive a higher predictive accuracy of answers.
  • Answer faster without losing the personal touch: SmartAssistTM offers Experts the choice to personalise "suggested answers" before sending to the customer - this means Experts can now spend more time personalising answers to the customer's unique situation. Which in turn will help drive customer satisfaction and boost the Expert's in-app rating.

And how will it help Microsoft? 

It's easy. Enterprise clients like Microsoft will benefit from our AI-driven SmartAssistTM feature in 2 simple ways

  1. Boost customer engagement and Expert satisfaction: By making it easier for Experts to help Microsoft customers, both parties gain. Experts can answer better and customers receive faster and more personalised responses to their issues. This just means overall higher satisfaction and customer engagement, driven by highly contextual conversations.
  2. Deploy within a matter of hours anywhere on your website to tackle high volume enquiries: SmartAssistTM can be easily deployed anywhere on the Microsoft FAQ pages to supplement existing digital channels or even cleverly deflect contact from voice to digital. Like Microsoft, why not use SmartAssistTM to speed up your responses to easier customer issues, so that your in-house customer service teams have more time and resources to deal with the most complex and sensitive enquiries.

To see SmartAssistTM in action, please talk to one of our team for a demo

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