GigCX: The Nirvana of Customer Experience, with Neil Rae

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In this episode, we speak with Neil Rae, Chief Digital Officer of VXI Global Solutions.

As a leader in a technology-led contact center organization, Neil embraces new and emerging technology and trends and make sure that we leverage those trends to unlock value within both customer and client base, but also employee base.

In this interview, Neil shares three trends he sees in the CX industry surrounding employee expectations, consumer expectations, and new and emerging technologies.

He shares what he feels will set organizations apart in light of these trends, and how GigCX align with these trends and will help organizations achieve the results now and in the future.

Finally, he gives his insights on an evolution from experience to trust, and how GigCX will be the key to achieving a level of consumer trust that organizations have yet to achieve.

Episode 8: GigCX: The Nirvana of CX, with Neil Rae

The organizations that will make a significant and material difference are the ones that recognize [these changes in employee and consumer expectations] and enable solutions that try to make it better for both the employee and consumer.

Neil Rae

If you think about the business needs of how can you connect the consumer to those individuals who are very knowledgeable and passionate about a business and a brand. If you can create a platform that connects the two, that allows to a speedy resolution, and then does it in a cost-effective manner, that also addresses a workforce need within a business, that to me is nirvana. That's what GigCX has provided.

Neil Rae

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