Myth: You can't trust GigCX Experts not employed by you

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Third time's the charm in our GigCX Myth Busting series, quite literally! We're all about trustworthiness this week, and bursting the bubble of anyone who thinks that a Gig crowd won't show as much consideration to customers as their in-house call center workers.

If you want to check out the rest of the series, where we discussed how GigCX is applicable to complex queries as well as the simpler stuff amongst other things - click here!

Watch the video (Chris has a couple of special guests...) or read the full blog below!

This week's myth:

You can't trust someone not employed by you with your customers

It might seem natural to think that as full-time staff are "closer" to your business and are subject to internal performance review metrics, they will take more care more with your brand and/or reputation, and will therefore have better soft skills when dealing with customers than gig-based workers. What we see however, is the exact opposite is the case for a few reasons.

When running a gig crowd-based model, businesses are offering up customer service tickets to a large field of potential workers. Now two aspects come into play here:

  1. The most active and highly rated (due to routing logic) Experts will tend to snap up those tickets - meaning they have been shown to be the best possible people to handle them and those that don't meet those standards won't be served  questions.
  2. All of the Experts in the crowd also want to take them on. They are on the GigCX platform (preferably ours) in their spare time, answering questions for that specific brand for a reason - it's a brand which they care about and want to represent.

In our recent 2021 Gig Customer Service Report, we spoke to our crowd of Experts and CX leaders, and they consistently told us that there's no discernible difference in the levels of empathy and care shown between gig-based Experts or full-time call center staff.

The stats bear it out too. Due to the gamification of GigCX apps prioritizing those with higher satisfaction scores to be sent questions, our clients see an increase in their C-SAT scores. This advanced routing allows for automatic control of sending the questions to the best person available.

So, there you have it - GigCX is just as good (if not better) at providing quality than your customers need and deserve. We'll see you in our next instalment of the series!

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