Meet Luke, GigCX Expert for Zwift

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Behind the scenes with… Luke, Expert at Zwift.

Welcome to GigCX Behind the Scenes! Have you ever wondered just how our Experts gig? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this series, we’re going behind the scenes with our Experts from across the globe to uncover the inside scoop of their day-to-day experience, what they like about their role, how they spend their earrings, and much more.

This week, we spoke to Luke from Canada about his experience as an Expert at Zwift. Let’s hear what he had to say…

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Luke, I’m a master’s student and I’m from Toronto. 

When I’m not working or studying, I am often found riding my bike which keeps me sane during the Canadian winters!

What brands do you work for?

I currently work for Zwift, a virtual cycling platform that takes indoor training to the next level.

What do you like about being an expert?

As both a student and an avid cyclist, free time is often hard to come by. What I like about being an Expert is that I can be flexible with my time, I can help "Zwifters" (what we call Zwift customers) and work on my university college papers simultaneously.

I also like earning money to pay my school tuition on the fly. Plus, it means I can continue to be actively involved in the Zwift community by helping its customers. It’s a win-win situation.

When do you answer questions the most?

I primarily answer questions during my break periods in between my reading, writing, and studying sessions. I do this by browsing the Zwift forums, and many other Zwift community pages that can best answer the customer’s enquiry.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

To be honest, a lot of it is going to go towards paying my university tuition. Having the extra cash has really helped.

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