Brand ambassadorship and empathy in CX, with Peter Ryan

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In this episode, we speak with Peter Ryan, President and Principal Analyst of Ryan Strategic Advisory.

Ryan Strategic Advisory is the world’s most trusted source of actionable insight into the global front-office BPO and customer experience sectors.

Peter is known worldwide as an influential and trusted BPO and CX research analyst, strategic advisor and thought leader. He is also the co-host of the CX Files podcast with our friend Mark Hillary.

In this interview, Peter shares what he feels is one of the key to solving the challenge contact centers are facing of attracting and retaining talent.

He also shares his views on GigCX and its advantages over other CX models, including the level of empathy brands can achieve by tapping into the ambassadorship of its own customers to assist with CX.

Finally, he shares what he feels is preventing brands from adopting GigCX.

Episode 6: Brand ambassadorship and empathy in CX, with Peter Ryan

It's not necessarily a chance to hire someone who would be a typical CX agent, but really a way to access brand ambassadorship. These ambassadors are so enthusiastic, that eat, sleep and breathe the brand, they're going to do everything they possibly can, not just to support the end customer, but to make sure that end customer is going to want to come back and use that brand or leverage that brand even more. Why? Because they're motivated and passionate about your brand.

Peter Ryan

This business model has the chance to attract that type of individual, who not just brings the right technical skills or maybe even CX skills, but brings that level of engagement with the brand where they're not just able to go the extra mile, but they're level of depth of knowledge goes that much further.

Peter Ryan

It's not just someone who is getting paid to assist, but it's someone who wants to assist, someone who wants to impart that level of knowledge. Brand ambassadorship takes CX to a whole new level. The idea that you really believe that you are representing a particular brand, and that you want to evangelize that brand through great support, and to make sure to people want to try and reinforce their relationship with that brand.

Peter Ryan

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