Balancing Generative AI with the need for humans in CX, with Kate Bradley Chernis

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In this episode, we speak with Kate Bradley Chernis, founder and CEO of Lately.AI, a lead-gen social selling platform that learns any brand or employee voice, takes all of their content, and turns it into targeted, effective social media posts.

Kate is also a former rock 'n' roll DJ and award-winning radio producer, engineer and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales and marketing expertise. What she learned in radio about the neuroscience of music helps fuel Lately's artificial intelligence.

In this interview, Kate shares insights on how businesses should integrate AI technology into the customer experience, including the challenges business leaders can expect to face.

She also shares how businesses can balance the benefits of automation with the importance of maintaining a human touch in their customer interactions.

Finally, Kate also gives her view on Generative AI, whether it’s ready to be used in CX, and where it falls short in terms of providing customer support.

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