The rise of the app-based flex economy, with Kristin Sharp

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In this episode, we speak with Kristin Sharp, CEO of Flex Association, the voice of the app-based economy, representing America’s app-based rideshare and delivery platforms and the people who count on them.

Kristin has made a career out of innovating the way we work. Prior to joining Flex, Kristin was CEO of the Education Quality Outcomes Standards (EQOS) board, and senior fellow and former director of New America's Initiative on Work, Workers, and Technology.

In this interview, Kristin shares insights on who app-based workers are, including their personas and habits, how they're using the apps, how often, etc.

She comments on recent proposed changes in U.S. legislation surrounding app-based workers. She and her organization are focused on ensuring the U.S. Department of Labor hears from workers and understands why the structure of app-based platforms works for these workers.

Flex Association's research shows that 70-80% of people are not only satisfied with app-based work, but are hugely enthusiastic about it because of its flexibility.

She and her organization are also combatting misperceptions about app-based work among U.S. legislators, one of the biggest being that those who do app-based work do so because they're having a hard time finding work. She shares where she hopes to see the legislative process go in the near future.

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Episode 11: The rise of the app-based flex economy, with Kristin Sharp

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