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Company on the frontline of promoting gender parity in the Tech world

It's a well-known fact that women are under-represented in technology the world over. A recent survey by PwC found that women hold only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector, with only 3% of female students choosing technology as a career path. At Limitless we are passionate about the importance of women having inspirational role models in the tech industry and more importantly having the opportunity to learn about how a career in technology can be fun and fulfilling. We are thrilled to share that our co-founder, Megan Neale was recently included in a list of highly influential women in the UK tech industry. The list is a recommendation of UK women who make great event speakers. Broken down into sectors, Megan was recognised in the software category.

Megan is always looking to promote the voice of women in tech and feels strongly that it is possible to balance work and family life to build a career in technology. She recently spoke at Vodafone's Wonder Women in Technology Event, celebrating International Women's Week.

Megan told us, "It was a privilege to share the Limitless story with Vodafone in support of International Women's Week (#IWW2018). At Limitless, we support the removal of workplace bias - equality shouldn't be optional. The Limitless CrowdService Platform levels the playing field - gender is completely irrelevant, its being human and knowledgeable that matters most - exactly as it should be in any role."

Role models like Megan help to pave the way by showing that while women in tech may be less common, they have a strong voice and want to change the status quo that by helping to encourage more young women to explore careers in technology.

At Limitless we share strong values where women and men together champion equality. Every day we support each other and mentor those considering a career in tech to make gender parity in tech a reality. If you know someone who is considering a career in or are thinking of starting a technology business and wants to talk about it just get in touch, we have an open door policy and are here to help & make a nice cup of tea.

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