Meet the GigCX Crowd

My initial plan was to start this with a slightly corny concept, I have to admit. I was going to create a decision tree that helped you work out whether or not gig customer service (GigCX) was a good fit for you.

Now the quirk of this decision tree (the genius if you will) was that whatever you answered, you would always end up in the same place at the last 2 questions. Age, gender, location, language, education, job experience – whatever you answered to these questions, everything would lead you towards 2 final qualifying questions. These questions would then be:

Do you have knowledge of the brand?

Are you passionate about the brand?

Now these two questions would be different to the rest as they would change where you ended up. If you answered ‘No’ to either – then perhaps GigCX (What is GigCX?) isn’t for you. If you answered ‘Yes’ to both – then come on board!

The point (as you may well have guessed as it isn’t exactly the Da Vinci Code) is that the only thing that matters when it comes to GigCX, is your passion and a degree of knowledge for the brand you’re representing. Diversity and inclusion are two massive benefits of gig-based customer service, as barriers to entry and unconscious bias are removed from the equation.

This is the theory anyway, and what we were delighted to see from the results of our recent Annual Gig Customer Service Report is that it’s also the reality. So without further ado – meet the crowd of Experts that make the magic happen!

Who are the GigCX crowd?

The simple answer is it could be anyone – but I did promise specifics, so I probably should elaborate.

As you can see, from the key stats above, GigCX Experts are a varied bunch. A couple of the results that we were most interested by were:

  • Our Experts covered a huge amount of countries and languages showing a truly diverse set of people all enjoying the benefits of being paid for answering customer service questions for the brands they love (we’re still looking for that elusive Antarctician Expert – their hot water bottle expertise is unparalleled).
  • We were happy to see how gig customer service fit in perfectly with a multitude of different lifestyles. 21% of our Experts are made up of students, full-time parents, and people who are retired. This is exactly what we are looking for at Limitless – access to the expertise of a diverse set of customers that brands previously might not have been able to reach. It allows us to match retiree customers, with Experts who are also retired who can empathise and relate to them better than another Expert might be able to. You can actually read the stories of some of our Experts here.

How do they do GigCX?

Night owl? Early bird? On the train? Whilst watching Tiger King? What keeps me up at night is knowing how our Experts choose to GigCX. In fact, it intrigued me so much I insisted on a section based on it in the survey and the answers were again, very interesting.

What first stuck out is that GigCX really does allow for 24/7 coverage. We asked our Experts for the time they did GigCX the most, and what we got were remarkably evenly distributed times throughout the day, with 9% of people even saying they did the majority of their GigCX from 12am to 6am! The rest of the Experts evenly favoured the morning, afternoon, and evening to answer queries.

In terms of how much they gig, 75% of the Experts we spoke to said they did GigCX everyday. How much they did everyday varied greatly though – with there being a mix of casual users (≤ 5 hours per week), medium users (5-30 hours per week), and some real heavy hitters at (30+ hours a week). Interestingly, a lot of the low users were keen to do more – showing a real appetite for more brands to come on board. The vast majority of heavy hitters tended to be active on more than one gigging platform – something we are pleased to see as it fits in with our GoodGig principles , specifically reducing giggers’ reliance on any one platform.

Why do they do GigCX?

Okay so now we know who our Experts are and how they do it, the obvious question is why they do it. Personally, I thought the most popular answer would be the chance to speak to myself but strangely this didn’t come up once. In fact, the most popular response was the flexibility of gig allows you to work on your own time and schedule. As we previously mentioned, 21% of the Experts are students, full-time parents, or retired. The advantages of being able to work when and how much you want is critical to these people, who can’t fit in a 9-5 schedule with being a carer or their studies, or are looking to enjoy their hard-earned retirement!

The second biggest driver was then being able to earn money on the side of their full-time job. We run regular surveys with our Experts where we ask if they spend their money on something specific, and it’s interesting how often gig money is used more for buying treats and holidays. We often see that people like to gig to create a ‘rainy day’ fund so they can boost their holiday or get a few extra presents at Christmas.

When we asked why our Experts specifically chose GigCX, we breathed another sigh of relief, as their drivers matched exactly with what we set out to do, and the GoodGig principles we abide by. The main driver was they loved the fact they could earn money using their knowledge of the brands they love. Everyone loves the feeling of being the ‘go-to person’ for a subject –it’s no coincidence that we chose the word ‘Experts’ for our crowd. And to be paid for sharing that knowledge is an opportunity our Experts thrive on.

The perfect Expert for every customer

As you can see, our crowd is made up of a smorgasbord of people from all walks of life, using GigCX in different ways, for a whole range of reasons. This diversity is something we’re incredibly proud of and is also great news for the organisations they help.

In our report, Susan Caesar described Sage’s use of GigCX as “a bit like a matchmaking service – we’re matching customer segments with the right type of gig Experts who can provide contextual and personal advice on their issues”. Besides being an excellent way of describing gig-based customer service (which we probably should have thought of first), it shows how our diverse crowd mirrors the diverse customers they serve – meaning there will always be the perfect Expert for each customer.

If you’d like to read the full results from our report, make sure you download it here. And if you’re interested at creating a crowd of your own customer Experts – get in touch and we can discuss in more detail!

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