Empower your own customers to provide amazing customer service

CrowdService™ enables enterprises to combine AI with the passion and product knowledge of their own customers to deliver on-demand customer support, 24/7, in any language.

It’s the future of support

Build a qualified crowd of expert product users in hours to resolve customer support tickets and train AI algorithms to answer lower value tickets. Experts are available 24/7, in any language, to deliver amazing support at a significantly lower cost to serve.



Be live in 5 weeks

Invite product experts to join and CrowdService does the rest

  • Onboard and qualify Experts to be ready to support others and start training AI algorithms
  • Connect SmartCrowd to CRM, Bots and Messaging tools or deploy Limitless Live Messenger on web pages
  • Reward Experts for successfully supporting other customers and training AI algorithms to automate low value tickets

All our customers benefit from:

Significantly reduced cost-to-serve
Reduce costs by combining AI and product experts
Improved customer experience
Provide trusted advice and greater empathy at scale
Greater resource agility and diversity
Attract and scale qualified talent from anywhere within hours

How you can use CrowdService™

Product or service-related enquiries including technical support and troubleshooting
Guided support on how to self-serve, accounts and billing, or order related queries
Securely complete transactions including payments, upgrades, refunds or cancellations

Gig customer service pioneers

Find out how global organisations are revolutionising their customer service with us.

Here’s why you should Dig the Gig!

We spoke with Microsoft, Postmates, and Sun Basket to discuss the growing importance of gig – watch the highlights here.

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A customer query being answered by one of our brand experts.

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