Create crowds to capture real-time feedback, moderate content and improve your AI algorithms

Gather unique insights and ideas from customers in real-time to build into your product, customer service or AI training improvement programs

It’s the future of customer research

Target specific groups of customers or user groups to answer questions, train AI algorithms or complete tasks to provide valuable feedback on products, features, and customer journeys in real-time.

Be live in 5 weeks.

Invite product experts to join and CrowdFeedback does the rest.

  • Onboard and qualify experts to get them ready to provide valuable insights
  • Create tasks to be loaded into SmartCrowd for customers to respond to in near real-time
  • Reward experts for providing feedback and insight when they successfully answer questions or do tasks

Why CrowdFeedback?

Real-time insight
Generate faster feedback and insights in less than 24 hours
Targeted feedback
Collect insights from any customer or user group, anywhere in the world
Affordable feedback
Gather insights at a fraction of the price charged by traditional agencies

How to use CrowdFeedback

A tech company asks users to test new app features, verify user content accuracy, and complete mystery shopping tasks
A retail marketplace is capturing feedback on new product listing flows to improve sales performance
A video streaming company uses customers to train AI to improve its playlist recommendation engines

Who’s using CrowdFeedback?

Find out how major global organisations are revolutionising customer feedback and research with CrowdFeedback on SmartCrowd™.

A customer query being answered by one of our brand experts.

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