The way people work is changing

SmartCrowd™ combines crowdsourcing and AI to deliver amazing customer experiences for any business

With SmartAI it’s easy to build a scalable and agile crowd of Experts using intelligent routing, rating and reward mechanisms.

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Augmented by people, adored by customers

SmartAI provides real-time, intelligent responses keeping customers happy and allowing Experts to focus on more valuable and complex conversations.

There are 2 core features: SmartAssist and SmartAnswer.

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SmartAssist suggests a range of likely responses to Experts, who then select the best match to personalise.

How it works

  • SmartAssist learns from previous conversation data and suggests responses to customer enquiries
  • Experts train the AI algorithms through a review system within the SmartCrowd platform
  • Customers and peers rate the answers and the machine learning algorithms are improved in real time


  • Customers get accurate and personalised answers faster
  • Experts save time and can therefore earn more
  • Cost savings can increase to 60% per resolved case
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SmartAnswer provides automated responses to customers in the voice of the Experts.

How it works

  • AI and machine learning suggests automated responses to resolve digital enquiries
  • The customer can choose to either accept or reject from one or more suggested responses
  • If they reject it they are connected with Experts who can help to resolve their enquiry


  • Reduce support costs by automating answers to common queries
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing fast responses in a personalised tone of voice
  • Reduce support volumes requiring agent intervention by 20-40% and reduce cost to serve by over 60%
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Marketplace dynamics

Limitless scalability

SmartCrowd™ uses intelligent routing, rating and reward mechanisms to optimise performance.


Experts are rated based on feedback from customers and peers after every interaction. Only the highest rated Experts are permitted to respond to customer enquiries or other tasks.


Queries or tasks are matched to Experts based on their skills, preferences and rating. Top performers receive tasks first so customers always receive the best possible responses.


Reward values depend on complexity and demand. SmartReward controls supply and demand to balance commercial targets with speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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Easy to connect

SmartCrowd™ connects to leading CRM platforms to maintain a single customer view and engage agents if needed.

API Connect

Use our simple APIs to connect to your CRM, messaging, chat, mobile app or help desk systems. Common systems we connect to include Salesforce, Zendesk, Helpshift, Facebook, Genesys and Oracle.

Live Messenger

Deploy our asynchronous messaging tool on your website or mobile app to enable customers to message your Experts 24/7.

Voice to Messaging

Deflect callers to leave the call queue to message with an Expert. They receive an SMS with a link to start a conversation in Live Messenger.

2 experts communicating in 2 different languages.

Onboarding and Knowledge

Build a crowd quickly

Crowd onboarding is simple and efficient. Build or grow qualified crowds in hours, in any market and in any language.


Invite selected customers, partners or employees to become an Expert. Invitations are usually done via email or social channels. Once they click ‘apply’ our onboarding process begins.


Skills, language and product knowledge are all tested. Successful applicants can then download the Limitless app to access online learning material and answer practice questions to complete qualification.


Qualified Experts have access to an integrated knowledge base. Machine learning ensures the best and most popular search results appear first. The announcement feature ensures you can share new information with Experts any time.

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