Our GoodGig® Principles

How do we ensure we protect and rewards our Experts fairly?

Our crowd of Gig Experts are vital to what we do

This is why we pledge to always stick to the 8 convictions below:

Champion Diversity & Inclusivity
Everyone is welcome with no barriers to entry or bias.
Reward Fairly
Rewards are fair in each local market & paid in local currencies.
No Pressure
Experts have complete flexibility, no schedules, commitments or penalties.
Encourage Independence
Promote financial freedom from the platform through other earning opportunities.
Remove Barriers
Ensure there are no barriers to entry or exit from the platform such as costly investments.
Protect People
Protect Experts in each country through local gig-compliant Terms and Conditions.
Experts can see tasks before accepting, and leave for other Experts to complete and share the reward if necessary.
Save The Planet

Reduce contact centre carbon footprint.*

* Every 10k questions = 1 less contact centre seat/year

GoodGig® models attempt to embrace practices that positively impact its gig crowd. It seeks to ensure our Experts are rewarded fairly and have the freedom to choose to take on tasks or not.

GoodGig® should enable anyone with talent to access tasks easily and exit the gig platform without fear of penalties or upfront costs and takes into account local legislation and workers’ rights.

GoodGig® is also sustainable and promotes practices which helps reduce overall carbon footprint output.”

Megan Neale Co-founder, Limitless

Limitless Technology COO, Megan Neale.

Our mission

To empower anyone on the planet to earn money for providing brilliant customer service for brands they love

2 brand experts linking to customer queries through our crowdsourced app.
A customer having their query answered by 3 experts.

Meet the Experts

Hear from some of our current Experts about how they find GigCX and the time they spend helping other customers.

Meet the Experts

A customer query being answered by one of our brand experts.

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