Webinar: Standing out from the crowd with GigCX

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are the busiest trading periods of the year. But with the circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping expectations have changed, and customer service standards have developed beyond recognition.

The pandemic has driven a substantial digital shift, with many consumers not just turning away from brick and mortar shopping during lockdown measures, but expected to permanently move more of their shopping online after seeing the benefits for the first time.

The usual spike in spending we see during the holiday, as well as this digital shift, have many organisations believing this will be the biggest eCommerce event history.

Register for our webinar on October 29th where we will delve into the behavioural customer changes that brands have encountered via the challenges of COVID-19. To combat lockdown frustrations and greater expectations of a growing customer base, organisations are seeing the power of serving customers with human understanding and empathy.

Roger Beadle, CEO and Co-Founder of Limitless, will be joined by marketing magnate Keith Weed (voted Forbes Magazine ‘Most Influential Marketer ‘17, ‘18 and ’19), and Gabe Reilly (Creative Product Lead at Facebook), for a 50-minute session discussing how using GigCX to allow current customers to engage with potential new customers in the buying lifecycle via asynchronous messaging can substantially boost conversions.

We’ll explore how the huge increase in customer demand will naturally bring huge competition for brands and how via micro-influencers, authentic customer-to-customer conversations, and a cross-platform digital experience – this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to scale and cut through the noise to your customers.

Don’t miss out. Join us at 4pm GMT (12pm ET) on Thursday 29th October. Register here.

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