Microsoft’s flagship gaming brand utilises GigCX to revolutionise customer experience.


Any interaction with a product fan acts as a force multiplier, helping us convert more customers to fans. We wanted to create more product fans by delivering world class customer experiences and the gig model allows us to do that.

Sue Morris Vice President, Global Support, GitHub, part of Microsoft (ex-GM, Global Customer Service – Microsoft)


Microsoft Xbox Subscriptions & Billings is a support section of the main Microsoft website where Xbox gamers are able to manage a variety of aspects of their account including:

  • Manage their subscriptions
  • Update payment methods
  • View order history
  • Change account preferences.

As part of their ‘Shift Left’ strategy, Microsoft are committed to encouraging as many customers as possible to self-serve via deflection to digital channels. At the same time they also want to improve customer experience and convert more customers into fans.


Microsoft expanded their partnership with us and our gig customer service solution to cover the Xbox Subscriptions & Billings customer queries.

With our CrowdService™ solution, Xbox customers now have their queries answered by passionate, knowledgeable, and fully trained gamers who have had experience with similar problems and can offer immediate solutions.

Customers who call up Xbox support or want to chat with an agent, are provided the option to message one of the Limitless gig Experts who can then deliver instantaneous support. Customers can initiate a chat session with a gig Expert via our Messenger tool and continue their conversation in their own time and at their own pace.


The personal engagement and passion a customer experiences when interacting with fan communities of Xbox is unique and not easily replicable.

Sue Morris Vice President, Global Support, GitHub, part of Microsoft (ex-GM, Global Customer Service – Microsoft)

By having a GigCX model, Xbox have been able to:

  • Deal better with demand variability, with the GigCX crowd flexing during peak trading hours.
  • Improve their speed-to-competency of their Experts compared to traditional methods.
  • Enjoy spikes in customer satisfaction due to their Expert community.
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