Limitless Announces $10m Series B, adds Genesys as Investor and Technology Partner

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UK GigCX platform innovator Limitless continues global expansion and accelerates CX transformation with Genesys Cloud integration and new investment led by Redline Capital

February 2, 2021: London, UK - Limitless, the AI-driven gig customer experience platform, today announced it has raised $10 million in financing. The Series B investment is led by Redline Capital and features new investment from Genesys, as well as continued participation from AlbionVC and Unilever Ventures.

The financing round will see London-based Limitless continue its dedicated growth in the US market, establishing a new US-based headquarters to focus on its product development, particularly surrounding routing, automation and AI to augment the strengths of humans.

In addition to its latest funding achievements, Limitless also recently entered into a new technology partnership with Genesys, which was announced today by the global leader in cloud customer and contact center solutions. The two have partnered to combine the comprehensive contact center capabilities of Genesys Cloud with the Limitless GigCX platform, making it possible for passionate product and technical experts to provide gig customer support, or GigCX, for the brands they love.

The combined solution enables businesses to easily scale resources during busy periods and deliver faster response times 24/7 - a need which has been felt more acutely throughout the pandemic. Brand experts, ranging from Microsoft Windows specialists, to stylists who love L'Oreal products, to experienced eBay store owners, act as gig customer service experts on the Limitless GigCX platform. These product experts are providing an on-demand extension of the customer service workforce for brands, providing them with agile, personalized customer service based on a flexible task-based model.

The Limitless and Genesys Cloud integration is designed to increase AI adoption by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of gig experts to train AI algorithms, at no incremental cost. By suggesting answers to experts on the Limitless GigCX platform, the effectiveness of both virtual agents and agent/expert assist model is continually strengthened with increasing accuracy and speed, resulting in improved customer experiences.

The Series B funding follows on from a nearly $7 million Series A round in 2019. Since its launch by co-founders Roger Beadle and Megan Neale in 2016, Limitless has welcomed a growing list of global customers, including Microsoft, eBay, Unilever and L'Oreal. The Limitless GigCX platform has helped these brands to significantly improve customer experience and dramatically reduce cost of service, whilst handling increasingly complex queries that require a human touch. By helping customers to get the most value from their products and services, expert product users help the brands to increase product usage, repeat purchase and customer loyalty.

GigCX aligns with trends identified by the analyst research community, including the recent Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Process Services 2020, where Principal Analyst Jaideep Thyagarajan revealed that gig has now passed the hype stage and is being actively used and scaled. Other recent Gartner research predicts that by 2023, the gig model will account for 35% of the total customer service workforce.

The Genesys investment and partnership marks a significant achievement for Limitless as we continue to expand globally. As consumers turn increasingly to digital support channels and products become more complex, businesses need access to more diverse and agile talent pools. By integrating Genesys Cloud and the LimitlessGigCX platform, we offer businesses the opportunity to seamlessly blend call center agents with their own passionate and knowledgeable gig experts to provide empathetic support, at scale.

 Roger Beadle, CEO, Limitless

Today, businesses need digital solutions that enable them to meet customers wherever they are in their journeys while providing a memorable, differentiated experience. By partnering with Limitless, we're giving businesses a new way to optimize their contact center resources while expanding the reach of the overall service experience for their customers.

 Olivier Jouve, executive vice president and general manager, Genesys Cloud 

For Megan Neale, COO, Limitless, the new investment and partnership with Genesys marks a milestone in the future of work, especially during turbulent times:

COVID-19 has seen many businesses face massive disruption, but GigCX has been a saving grace in business continuity while also opening up new possibilities for flexible working. This new partnership is at the heart of empowering anyone, anywhere on the planet to provide customer service for brands they love, and that is something we are truly proud of.

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