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We’ve released our first annual ‘Gig Customer Service report!

We’re delighted to release the world’s first-ever Gig Customer Service report, created by us and business services consultancy; Ember Group. This is the first release of what will be an annual series that looks at the growth of gig-based customer service (GigCX) and the pioneers and business benefits behind it.

This year’s paper looks at the explosive rise of GigCX in 2020. Between customers demanding more flexibility, and realisations driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with rapidly changing working patterns and shortages of skills– it’s clearer than ever that organisations need to adapt, or risk being left behind.

The report features insights from leading figures in the CX world including Aileen Allkins (CVP Customer Service and Support, Microsoft, 2016-2020), Sue Morris (Vice President, Global Support, GitHub part of Microsoft) as well as:

  • What is GigCX? – we explain what GigCX is, how it differs from traditional models, and what’s driving its growth.
  • Who are the GigCX pioneers? – in depth interviews with several global CX leaders from companies such as Microsoft, Unilever and Sage about their motivations, expectations, and results from GigCX.
  • GigCX Expert Research – we delve into the key insights from our research from 500 current Experts about who they are, how they gig, and why they do it.
  • Analyst Opinion from Ember Group – a Q&A with Chris Mcilduff, Chief Customer Officer, on how GigCX fits in with the evolution of customer service models.
  • What the future holds – we finish up by looking at the future of GigCX and advise what companies should be looking to do to future proof themselves.

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