GigCX with Limitless and Genesys

Bringing the power of the gig economy to Genesys Cloud in a combined solution

Introducing GigCX into Genesys Cloud

The Limitless and Genesys integration leverages AI to predict and blend what’s needed to solve a customer query – including automation, a Limitless gig expert, or your inhouse agents, in a single platform

Through Genesys Cloud, conversations can now be routed at scale to your crowd of passionate product experts, bringing major benefits of the gig economy to your CX strategy.

Benefit from a dramatic reduction of cost-to-serve due to the removal of brick and mortar and fixed resource

Improve product usage, repeat purchase & customer loyalty driven by experts that love your brand

Easily scale resources during busy periods and deliver faster response times 24/7

Watch our explainer video to see the end-to-end journey in the integration

“By partnering with Limitless, we’re enabling brands to connect customers with credible, authentic support that has the power to elevate ordinary transactions into more meaningful, lasting relationships”

Together, we are helping businesses deliver unique customer experiences driven by AI that ultimately offers digital consumers more value while extending the capabilities of their contact centers.”

Olivier Jouve
Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Cloud

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