Central London, UK

Senior Service Delivery Manager

Reporting to: SVP of Operations

Limitless  is a venture-backed business transforming the way customer service is delivered. Our AI-powered mobile solution connects Brand fans with other customers who can answer their questions “on-demand” and rewards them for every question they answer correctly. Our client list includes companies like Unilever, National Express, Microsoft and many others in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada with global expansion plans. We are looking for a very special person to join our high growth business and be part of the team that creates amazing customer experiences. Our mission is to disrupt the way people expect to be serviced from major companies worldwide and empower anyone to earn money from the palm of their own hand. We are looking for people who “think differently”, are passionate about being unique but love working as part of a team where everyone has the same goal … BE LIMITLESS

You work hard, you play hard. You are a rising star and thrive on doing things you have never done before. You set high standards, and you exceed them. 

You are positive, humble and have a ‘can-do’ attitude. You are responsible and motivated by challenges others shy away from. A true doer and team player, who always gets things done and meets demanding deadlines. 

You believe customer service can make or break a brand. You hate it when service is badly designed or goes wrong and this influences your purchasing decisions. 

You love new things & new ideas. Trying the newest hot gadget or playing with the latest app isn’t just fun, it is part of you.

The Role

Reporting to the SVP of Operations – his name is Nick Stein, so you can check him out on LinkedIn – the Senior Service Delivery Manager of Strategic Accounts is critical to our evolution. The role by definition is not an easy one, none of the fun and worthwhile ones ever are, and you will be accountable for the successful delivery of our key client operations.  

What does that mean in reality? You need to make sure that all our key metrics are being hit which includes; client retention, growth and service level delivery. In addition, you get to work with a bunch of awesome people – some of which will report directly to you – so, you get to coach them to be the ‘next you’! 

What we need you to do is proactively drive improvement and development of all services, whilst seeking out opportunities for and contributing to the overall growth of accounts and the wider Limitless business. We have four pillars we want to continue to evolve our services under – Performance, Governance, Intelligence and Initiatives. Essentially, we understand what happened, why it happened and how we can all learn from that and continuously improve. 

In order to be successful in this role, you really need to be a  proactive and solution orientated individual, with a demonstrable track record in operations and delivery. You will have multiple stakeholders, which is always a fun challenge and you will focus on both internal and external insight management to identify initiatives and work with the Client Success team to bring these to fruition.  

As well has having fantastic reporting and commercial awareness skills, you will bring a laser level of focus and analytical approach, constantly seeking to drive the quality of service for our Clients and outcomes for ourselves. Combine this with your TedTalk level communication skills, a gymnastic ability to balance competing priorities and being happy to generally get stuck in to deliver Limitless opportunities for all your stakeholders.  

So, what are some of the details here? 

What you’ll do

  • Everyone is going to come to you. You need to be the point of contact within your accounts, assuming accountability for smashing it out of the park.  
  • You have to understand operations. You will measure and monitor account performance, including SLA measures, ensuring reports are produced and delivered on the timescales agreed with the client. 
  • It’s important to stay ahead of the game. You have to proactively take action to prevent and address any under-performance on accounts, agreeing on priorities and actions to be taken.  
  • Communication is big. You will present account performance information through regular internal and external reviews.  
  • Being a people person is key. You need to develop relationships of openness and trust to allow a better understanding of your stakeholder’s business and a shared understanding of any issues.
  • We have to keep growing everything. You will pro-actively seek to add value to accounts through identifying new opportunities, through the regular analysis of customer satisfaction and performance data. 
  • Big picture stuff is hard with the day job, but you have to nail it. So, you have to ensure that engagement, communication, and development strategies are aligned with the account and sales team’s growth strategies. 
  • We have ISO and Infosec and all that good stuff, so you have to own all process documentation and ensure that all operational areas of the business are fully briefed with any changes and platform releases. 

Key skills and experience

  • You’ve done it before. Previous experience in a similar Client Services  delivery role 
  • You are comfortable being out front – proven leadership qualities. 
  • Team Player – be willing to participate as part of a small and flexible team. 
  • Adaptable – your clients are global, so you need to be flexible on locations and working times.
  • We are growing fast – the ability to prioritise and work effectively under pressure. 
  • It will be hard – prime accountability for the successful delivery of the whole shebang!  
  • A tenacious problem-solver with a hands-on style and the ability to adapt in a dynamic, constantly changing environment. 


To chat about this role please send your CV and a little bit about yourself to careers@limitlesstech.com


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