How to create flexibility in your contact centre operations in response to COVID-19

Your Business Continuity Playbook

This guide helps contact centre managers to effectively plan for a scenario of increased customer contact with reduced resources. And when that situation occurs, Limitless provides an innovative and flexible answer that provides the resources required to protect Service Levels and maintain Customer Satisfaction.

This Playbook gives you practical, step by step advice on how a rapid deployment of GigCX will enable your staff working from home and your best customers to provide service, fast. Download it to explore:

  • A brief overview of how a gig-based customer service (GigCX) model works
  • The 4 step, phased approach to quickly ensuring your customers are served in an affordable and timely manner
  • The key benefits of moving towards a more flexible contact centre model
  • The considerations and timeline for deployment of your new gig crowd of experts
  • Learn how to take advantage of GigCX for your future disaster recovery plans